My Creative Supplies

Here's where you'll find all my creative supplies, from my camera, my doodling and painting supplies, to my kids supplies and inspiring reads, that help me to easily calm my my mind and help me connect and stay connected to my inner creative sparks that fill me with JOY! 

I'm all about minimal and simple.  From the materials I use and to the materials my kids use.  

My busy mama head can't deal with tons and tons of materials.  Which is why I teach and inspire, that when it comes to using creative materials to create inner calm and ignite inner creative JOY sparks, it's truly VERY minimal. 

Less is more. Trust me! 

So with further ado...oh, but first, when you click on pictures you'll be taken to my Amazon Affiliate store, so all the tools are easy to find for ya!   

My Camera Equipment

I'm currently shooting with the Nikon D7000.

I started out using the Nikon D3000. It's a GREAT entry level DSLR camera. 

My 35mm lens never, ever, comes off my camera. It's my fav!

I've used the 50mm lens occasionally, but the 35 has my heart. 

I love to use this indoors, when there's NO natural light.  Like on Christmas morning.  It works great! 

And, of course, my hand dandy iPhone! 

I bought this strap years ago, from Bluebird Chic and I still LOVE it.  Not sure if it's still there, but check her out!


My Uplifting Doodle Supplies

I use copy paper to practice writing my doodles on before I move to ink. 

I use this pencil on the copy paper.  The best I've ever used! 

Once I figure out my doodle word writing I move to this sketchbook. 


I either use this super sharpie or...

this sharpie brush pen to trace over and over my words (tracing calms me!)

I use these Koi Watercolors as my color watermark and LOVE them! 

My Doodle Painting Supplies

I use drop cloths to cover my table and the kids table. 

I buy cheap packs of brushes like this at Michael's. 

I buy cheap paint tray palettes for my paint or I use a paper plate. 

I use cheap Acrylic paint in colors that I love. 

I buy sets of canvas in different sizes from Michaels. 

I use this same mix media book to doodle paint in, too! 

I love using this for watercolor painting and for my uplifting doodles! 

I used this a lot for doodling with crayons and colored pencils when I first started reviving my inner coloring "kid" again. 

My Kids Doodling Supplies (That I Use, Too!)

These are our favorite paints, that I'll also buy at Discount School Supply

We buy all the Crayola basics with a few fun things here and there.

From finger paints...

to Super Tips...

and all the tools every kid has. 

But here's a secret, I used these same tools and still do to color and paint. 

No need to buy expensive tools to calm your mind (and your kids!) and ignite your joy (and your kids!). 

We all LOVE these! 

And these, too!

And, of course, gotta have some of these, too! 

My favorite paper to buy for painting and coloring. 

I always buy the kids spiral bound sketchbooks, especially the ones at Target. 

For special family coloring nights, we bring out the sharpies and color on...

glossy photo paper. So fun! 

My Favorite Reads

Wanna know WHY I paint? Read this! Your kids will LOVE it, too! 

If you haven't read Rachel's books yet, you must! 

Her books and blog will inspire you to BE more present! 

There you have it.  Not too bad, right!? I said, S I M P L E and E A S Y and won't make your head spin (because, believe me, every time I walk into an Art store, my head spins...every single time!).  

Again, it really doesn't take much to get your creative CALM on so YOU can ignite YOUR inner creative  joy.  

I'm happy to have figured it out and to be here to inspire you to see just how easy and fun and calming it is.   

Woohoo to that! Enjoy!