{Slow Down Mama!} 10 Deep Nasal Breaths

Last night I took a nice hot bubble bath. Every time I take a bath, I allow myself to take 10 deep nasal breaths. I count a breath in through my nose and a breath out through my nose as one breath.

Why nasal breathing? Because it pumps oxygen into the lower part of my lungs to help calm my nervous system and to calm my mind.

But, every single time I do this, I notice how hard it is for me to stay focused on 10 breaths. I'll get to four and realize I'm thinking about something other than my breath. So I start over.

Then I'll get distracted by the water and I'll start putting it on my neck. Oh man! I start again. This can happen a few times before I finally allow myself do all ten.

I usually take my baths immediately after I put C down for bed. My brain is still going, but my body is done! So when I get in the bathtub my mind wants to think of EVERYTHING it couldn't while taking care of C.  So allowing myself do 10 breaths benefits me in so many ways.

After 10 breaths, my monkey mind has settled a bit. I find myself focusing on the candle that is lit and I just feel more calm.  I even want to keep doing my deep nasal breathing long after I've finished.   If I stop before I get to 10 I definitely don't feel as calm as I'd like. So 10 is my magic calming number!

I can't even tell you how many times I've taken a bath to relax.  Sure, my body seems to be relaxed, but if my mind is still racing, I'm definitely not relaxed.    And, I want to relax! :)

Does this happen to you?  If so, what do you do to calm your monkey mind?

If you'd like to learn more about deep nasal breathing or even how to incorporate a one minute meditation to your routine, check out my mentor John Douillard.  He's taught me everything I know about breathing!  And, he was one of my favorite teachers at my nutrition school.  Love him! :)

Sometimes I'll do the one he shows here, or I'll just do deep long breaths.  Find what works best and feels good for you!

{life is serene}