hello, sunshine

handwritten and painted by renee

handwritten and painted by renee

Well, hello, sunshine! 

I'm back!! With a brand new look! YAAY!! 

I've spent the last few weeks updating almost everything here on my site.  

I still want to get my shop up and running again, but my left-brain mind was on overdrive and needed a break...it took me a few days to get my hello, sunshine doodle flowing again.  Yep! That's what happens when you stop using your right brain for a bit. It gets a bit rusty. Oh yes! 

I updated my About Page with new sections; My BioMy StoryMy Interview and My Creative Supplies (wanna know ALL the materials I use to doodle and photograph, it's all here!).

And, I have my F.R.E.E. eBook up and running again, because I really wanna give YOU some creative love for BEing here! 

Because my time is SO limited, I've been pretty quiet on social media, because I really wanted to get my site up and running again, so I can start writing here first, rather than only on social media.  


As you can see, my doodles are different now, too.  I'll explain this one in an upcoming blog post. SO much positively changed once I broke out my paintbrushes and paint again.  I can't wait to share!! 

It's pretty much the reason for my new blog design, too! 

I had no intention of updating my information and site until I had my little guy in school next year.  It's amazing what mindless, creative fun can do...especially painting!! OH YEAH! 

I'm excited to be back in my new home and I thank YOU for being here through all my changes! 

Get ready to BE  'creatively' inspired!  


Until next time, 

Why doodle??? Because it easily calms the mind and soothes the soul so YOU can BE the calm, happy and present mom that you're meant to BE.  Wanna learn more, check out my F.R.E.E. eBook here