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handwritten and painted by renee

handwritten and painted by renee

The other day, while driving C to school in the morning, I saw a bumper sticker that said, "live, laugh, love."

Now, these words are great, but I actually think it should be, "love, laugh, live" because I know, in my days before becoming a mom (read my story here), I was definitely living (on Guam!), laughing (partying with friends!) and loving (married my college sweetheart...oh yeah!!). 

But, at the same time, I was living my life way more focused on my fears, in which, I wasn't living with as much love and laughter as I would have liked to have been.

Once I got my inner creative self ignited again through doodling and photography, I calmed my "living in fear" days and my "love and laughter" began to blossom even more!

The more I got my inner creative self on, the more I learned, that the most important thing I need to do for myself, is to focus on all the L O V E that IS my life right now.  

Because, when I do this, I'm connected (and stay connected!) to WHO I am and what I LOVE, (which, when living more in fear and worry, keeps me very disconnected from), and then, has me LIVING my life with more joy, laughter and fun than I could've ever imagined.

So, if you wanna live a life with more laughter and love, give your to-do list thoughts (hello, left brain!) a break and tap into your creative thoughts through mindless, creativity (hello, right brain!) for a bit and watch your LOVE grow even more.

As this starts to happen, you'll start to SEE just how important it is to ALWAYS start with LOVE (and end with love) no matter how busy and stressful the day may be!


If you wanna learn more about this, check out my F.R.E.E. eBook, calm your frazzle in less than 10, and you'll see, step by step, how I creatively calmed my fears and worries and began to open myself up more to living my life with even more love, laughter, passion and fun!


Until next time, 

Why doodle??? Because it easily calms the mind and helps YOU connect within to who you are and what YOU love, so you can live your life more focused on what YOU love and what brings YOU joy, no matter how busy the day is. Something that's very hard to do when your mind is five miles ahead or behind the present moment.