this is why i snap

pic taken with iPhone, edited with PicTapGo app and Photoshop App

pic taken with iPhone, edited with PicTapGo app and Photoshop App

Remember the other day, when I shared her reading?

Well, I thought I'd share the initial moment that made me stop, smile, snap and savor her up. 

Instead of just noticing her for a second, smiling and then continuing on with my to-do list.

I absolutely L O V E moments like this, because they truly make stop with, "oh I love this!!!" thoughts while quickly grabbing my camera so I can really leave all my to-do list thoughts in the dust (because it's way too easy to keep those thoughts in charge!!) and BE even more present and 100% focused on her, in this moment.

Because, before I know it, she'll be all grown up, in her room, with the door shut and probably not wanting me near her...ha!


I don't wanna look back and regret that I chose my to-do list way more than choosing to slow down and savor her up!!

And, yes, I even wanna savor her writing all over my walls...can you see it!? Oh yeah!! Ha!


Like I always say...the camera is one of the best creative tools to help YOU easily get out of your to-do list head and back into the present moment so YOU can savor (fully enJOY!) what YOU love and what matters most to YOUR busy mama heart (something that's hard to do when your mind is running five miles ahead or behind the present moment).