Letting Her Creativity Blossom

When little bro naps, we paint!! 

It's been SO long since we've done this together (because of school) and I absolutely LOVE this mama, daughter bonding time with her. 

I've missed following along with her inner, creative self.  

I never set the rules on what she should paint.   And, I NEVER paint before her.  

I ALWAYS let her choose and I let her tell ME how to paint what she says and what colors I should use.  

She shines SO bright when she's in charge, in this creative way!  

I want her inner, creative confidence to to soar.  If I paint before her, her confidence starts to dim and then she's telling me she CAN'T paint and she needs ME to do it for her.  

That hurts my heart! 

When she's in charge, she has NO problem thinking of what to paint and she has NO problem trying to figure out HOW to create it on her blank sheet of paper!!

Her creative ideas BLOOM beautifully and she NEVER gets stuck in the "I can't do this!" thoughts (they way it's supposed to BE!). 

When I wanna paint, I do it when I get some alone time, but, I still receive the calming benefits from doing this with her, though.  We both do! 

I'm SO passionate about keeping her creativity alive (and mine, and yours, too!).  

So, today, she guided US to creating rainbows, turkeys and Anna and Elsa!  It was great and SO needed! 


Until next time, 

Live life slow...it's the only way to savor what you love (and capture it, too!)