love is light

Shine light on what YOU love and shine the light bright!!

Because love IS light and light IS love. 

After college, I was SO focused on adult responsibilities, that if I was asked, "What do you love? What are you passionate about? " I'd write down three things and then I'd get stuck.  

When I revived and re-connected with my inner, creative self (once becoming a mom!), I can now list pages and pages of things I love and what I'm passionate about.  

It's amazing all the love and light that shines through once the mind gets a daily dose of creative calm (like doodling like a kid again!) while still getting those, very much needed, adult responsibilities done! 


Until next time,

Create calm to SAVOR can't connect to what YOU love if your mind is always running 5 miles ahead and behind the present moment, right?  Right!