his quiet and imaginative moment

When I walked by his big sister's room,  I was stopped in my tracks to this sweet, little quiet moment of him, resting his head on the pillow, while talking, in his sweet, two-year-old voice about Captain Hook on his Pirate ship. 

Oh, it's moments like this that pull me out of my to-do list head and warm my heart and make me smile BIG. 

Argh!! I love watching ME son use his imagination!! Argh!! 

Slow down to savor what makes YOU stop, smile and fills YOUR heart with happy love tingles (through the lens!).  

You can't savor what you love if your mind is five miles ahead or behind the present moment.  


Until next time, 

Live life slow...it's the only way to savor what you JOYously love (and capture it, too!)