her art

I always LOVE when I'm in the middle of cleaning up the kitchen and my head is full of...

"I gotta clean up the counter as fast as I can before one of the kiddos (or both!!) need me or they start fighting or they want more food or they wanna take a bath or they need a bandaid...and so on...Ha!" 

And then walking over the to dining room table for more "cleaning up thoughts" and stopping in my tracks because I'm seeing her beautiful, five-year-old, art that she's left behind, which, immediately pulls me out of my head and into my heart warming, "I love this!" thoughts. 

Seeing her inner, creative self left around the house like this NEVER gets old. 

I love that she's waving at me, too!  Hi!! 


Until next time, 

Get YOUR inner, creative calm on so YOU, too, can connect within and BE more present to all the JOY that surrounds YOU so you, too, can slow down and savor it all.