just breathe

Before I became a mom, I was stressed! 

Now that I'm a mama, that pre-mama stress was NOTHING compared to my busy mama days.

Mainly because I could sit down and enjoy a meal without having to get up 20 times or when I'm doing something, I could focus on it without being interrupted every two seconds and then lose my thought. 

I LOVE being a mom SO much, but, boy can I get frazzled easily. 

Like, yesterday, when I took the kids to have pizza with their Daddy for lunch.  

While I'm trying to focus on eating my own slice (as fast as I can!), I'm also cutting pieces of the other slice for both kiddos, while they swap seats, which seems like 50 times, and then they swap which side of the table they want to sit on, which seems like another 50 times, and then they drop their fork, napkin and the pizza pieces I just cut for them on the floor and now have to cut more, and making sure they don't fall off the seat and hurt themselves and then Lil' Bro runs in circles around us while we try to get him to sit before he runs away from us. 

Oh, and having a conversation with the hubs is pretty much non-existent and I have NO idea what my surroundings look like.  Ha! 

Yep! I was FRAZZLED!

And when I get FRAZZLED, I can react with anger and frustration, which can leave me filled with SO much mama guilt because my #1 passion as a mama is to BE calm for my kids, no matter how crazy it gets. 

Since I've been creating my inner calm, I find myself saying...

"Just breathe! Just breathe! Just breathe!" 

through all those frazzled moments more than just instantly reacting with anger and frustration thoughts and emotions.  

I'm not 100% calm and I still have plenty of frazzled reactions, but the more I calm my inner world through creativity, the more I can take a step back and breathe some inner stillness through all the crazy (toddler!) chaos of it all. 

Everyday my kids help me create an even better ME...flaws and all! 

And, when the day comes when I can sit and eat a meal without having to pick up food off the floor (pasta is the worst!!) and go to the bathroom every two seconds, I'm gonna SAVOR it more than I ever have before!! 

That's the real beauty of kids...they help you appreciate life in ways you never, ever thought possible! 

SO thankful and SO grateful!


Until next time, 

Get YOUR creative calm on...because when life gets you FRAZZLED (and it will!) you can breathe through it and react with more calm thoughts and emotions.  So, SO, worth it!

Because, that IS the power of connecting with your inner, creative self. Oh yeah!