just being who they are

These are WHO my kids are, right now, in their current stages of life. 

Her and her poses (her inner princess has been revived since going to Princess camp last week...she tried on 10 dresses in less than five minutes this morning, something she hasn't done since she was four...I don't mind! Nope! Not one bit!).

Him and his facial expressions that ALWAYS delights us with laughter!

And when they stand next to each other, it ALWAYS melts my heart with how cute their teeny-tiny cuteness is.

Savoring her princess phase for as long as I can.  Seeing how it was almost gone after she turned five last year.  And, for me, I just LOVE the way her dresses look in black and white. 

And then they actually wanted a picture together. Whoa! 


Until, lil' bro wanted to escape but big sis wouldn't let him. Ha! 

She got him!! Hooray!! 

Oh, I love WHO they are SO much, that is, when they're not meltdowning on me...ha! 

Until next time, 

Live life slow...it's the only way to savor what YOU love (and capture it, too!)