trust the flow

I've been connecting more with trusting the flow of life.

I don't know about you, but, for me, my mind LOVES to try to control everything. What I've come to learn, is that the more I try to "control" a situation by always trying to "figure it out," the harder life feels. 

So now, when I set an intention for how I want to create my life, I take action, but I keep telling myself to keep my heart in "trust" mode.  

Because, what I know for sure, when I stay in "trust," life ALWAYS flows beautifully, like when I had to evacuate to Florida, at 39 weeks pregnant with lil' bro, because of Hurricane Issac.  

Talk about having NO control over a situation and then staying in calm and trust mode and then everything working out in more amazing ways than I could ever imagined. It was his birth that really guided me into trusting life to work out as it should and to truly let go of trying to force into a way that I think is best.  Wow! 

Because, yeah, whatever outcome I'm hoping for comes out even better than I could have ever imagined or could have figured out on my own when I trust the flow of life.  


Until next time,

Why doodle?  Because it easily calms the mind and soothes the soul so YOU can stay connected to trusting the divine flow life provides YOU!! (you can't stay in "trust" mode if your mind is running five miles ahead or behind the present moment). 

So...get YOUR creative calm on so YOU can connect within and BE more present to all the JOYous flow that lives inside YOU and around YOU so you can slow down and savor it all.