today is great

Today IS great!

I gotta tell ya, usually I doodle by myself, when L is napping and C is at school, but now that they're home all day, I doodle after we eat breakfast and while they're playing, watching a show or coloring with me. 

Today, they fought the entire time I was doodling.  Oh man! 

There were many times I started to lose my cool and ask myself, "am I going to make it through this?," because while I wanted my moment of doodling stillness, they were hitting, pushing, tattletaling (oh this is bringing back teaching memories!!) and getting upset if I sang part of the song on Peppa Pig (what is up with toddlers not wanting you sing out loud!? Ha!).

But, then, I'd tell myself...

just breathe through it...just breathe through it 

because, yes...

today IS a GREAT day! 

It's Friday and I have a weekend of fun ahead...

  • reading EL James, Grey (Oh yeah!! Started it last night and LOVING it SO far!! I'm not into BDSM, but I'm SO into LOVE stories. I love, LOVE! I can never get enough of fifty because, for me, it's an awesome LOVE story that I LOVE to read over and over again!!)
  • family date night tonight
  • date night with the hubs tomorrow
  • taking the kiddos to see Pixar's Inside Out
  • and celebrating Father's Day on Sunday!!

So, yeah, today, even with all the meltdowns, is GREAT!! 

Happy Friday!! 

And, tell me, what's GREAT about YOUR day? I'd LOVE to hear! 


Until next time, 

Why doodle?  Because it easily calms the mind and soothes the soul so the frazzle of life (and motherhood!!) can BE handled with more ease (ease is hard to find when your mind is always running five miles ahead or behind present moment). 

So...get YOUR creative calm on so YOU, too, can connect within and handle the demands of life with more ease so YOU can slow down and savor all the JOY that fills YOUR life!