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be nice

be nice

There's nothing more heart warming than watching your little kiddo's bond and laugh and giggle while they play together, but, when they get mad at each other, oh man, it makes my entire body cringe.

From screams to cries to the pulling hair, pushing and calling each other names...yikes!!

It makes this only child mama a little crazy!  Ha! Who am I kidding!? It makes this only child mama a whole lot of crazy!! (which is WHY I doodle!

And because of that, I find myself saying...

"be nice" 

over and over and over and over and over again. 

I always tell them...

"It's OK to be angry, but it's NOT OK to hurt others because of your anger."

I sure hope my words are sticking, because some days it can feel like they aren't, because of my broken record, "be nice, be nice, be nice, be nice!" words! Ha! 

But, at least, for the most part, they come around and say "sorry" to each other and then hug. 

That makes all the hard work of teaching them how to treat others worth it!! 


Until next time,

Why doodle?  Because it easily calms the mind and soothes the soul so the frazzle of life (and motherhood!!) can BE handled with more ease (ease is hard to find when your mind is always running five miles ahead or behind present moment). 

So...get YOUR creative calm on so YOU, too, can connect within and handle the demands of life with more ease so YOU can slow down and savor all the JOY that fills YOUR crazy, busy life! 

grateful for their reminder

grateful for their reminder

sibling conflict

sibling conflict