grateful for their reminder

While picking up a million, trillion toys off the floor, I was stopped in my tracks to savor this sweet moment of little feet and little kiddos sitting at the kitchen table reading books together. 


I'm SO grateful that these two are in my life because they ALWAYS remind me to slow down and relish in what matters most to my heart, which is, BEing more present so I don't miss moments like this.

Because, for me, it's very easy to do so when my mama to-do list is never ending and I'm in major need of some mama, hibernate alone in a cave for days, me time! 


Until next time, 

Get YOUR creative calm on, so when you SEE a moment that YOU love, you can stop and savor the warm, fuzzy, uplifting, joyous FEELING of it, instead of zooming right by it while continuing to focus on all your "to-do list" thoughts. 

And, that my friends, IS why doodling to calm YOUR mind and capturing what YOU love with your camera is powerful, POWERFUL, stuff!