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his fancy dress tea party for them

his fancy dress tea party for them

Ya know, marriage can be hard and it's not always rainbows and roses over here for us.

We definitely have our share of petty little arguments, from...

  • what the air conditioning temperature should be...I like it COOLer he likes it HOTer
  • him not putting his dishes in the dishwasher, especially after I've closed the kitchen for the night and am SO tired that thinking about washing or putting away one more thing will make me CRRRAZY
  • me letting the kids eat cheese puffs around the house (yeah, he hates this one!! ha!)
  • him turning off the lights that I need to stay on for the kids because they're afraid of the dark and I don't want to have to get up 50 times to keep turning lights on for them (I always tell him, "If you were home ALL day with them, you'd understand, that for my sanity, some lights just NEED to stay on!"...yeah, hasn't clicked yet! Ha!) 

But, when I walk out into the living room and I see that he's created a "fancy dress tea party" for our kiddos in big sister's room, filled with..

  • blue juice in espresso cups 
  • flowers
  • cookies
  • a candle lit
  • French music playing on Pandora
  • a "Camille's Tea Party...Now Open" sign hanging on the door 
  • and him as their waiter, writing up tickets that add up their orders but will be paid to him with kisses and hugs from them...

sure makes all those petty little arguments melt away and reminds of the one millionth/trillionth reason as to WHY I married him and WHY he's my soulmate...

because, No matter how long or stressful his day has been at work, he comes home every evening and plays his heart out with them.


And, his tea party...

WAY better than I could have ever created for them (and yes, lil' bro IS wearing a TinkerBell dress, thanks to his big sister...ha!) 

He inspires me, daily, to BE better, all while filling my heart with even more love for him!! 

I'm SO grateful for everything that he does for us and for all the amazing love he has for our kiddos and I and vice versa. 

Because, this moment, right here, IS love and IS the true meaning of life! Because yeah, dishes, laundry, cheese puffs and the air conditioner have nothing on this LOVE!! 

Love ALWAYS rules...we just gotta slow down SO we can truly SEE it shining through (petty arguments and all!). 

A reminder that I definitely need as a very busy, multi-tasking all day long, mother of two little kiddos! 


(I will say, our marriage arguments help me to grow SO much as a person...I used to think arguing was a "bad" thing and NOT supposed to be happening in a marriage or relationship, but arguments and conflicts once in awhile not only helps me to learn about myself and how I can do better and that my inner self needs some nourishment, but, they also help US to learn what each other needs and has us growing even more close as a couple!)


Until next time, 

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