Here's to using creativity to calm my mind so I can slow down and SAVOR all the delight that fills my busy mama life...cheers! 

A cheers that I'm SO in need of after being a single mom this week while the hubs was away for work (we will all be filled with delight when he walks through the door this afternoon!!) about EXHAUSTED!! Yeah...SO exhausted! 

Even on days when I'm not a single mom, I'm still filled with exhaustion from taking care of the little kiddos all day that it can be hard for me SEE the delight in my day (because, pretty much, everyday, I'm thinking to myself how wonderful it would be to go lay in bed and catch up the 6 years of sleep that I've missed out on...ha!).

That's why, everyday, I sit down, pause, and doodle a word that feels uplifting to me in that moment. 

And, that's why, everyday, I carry my iPhone with me everywhere I go, so when I see a moment that's making me stop and SMILE...I snap it, so I can savor that smiling FEELING a little more!! 


It's these two things, doodling and photography, that help me to focus on (and relish in!!) the delight that fills my exhausting, mama to two little kiddos, days, because they easily calm the funk of my mind and easily pulls me into the feel good, beauty of the present moment. 

If I hadn't listened to my inner calling to pick up my camera again and do something more creatively, hands-on, I'm not sure I'd ever see all the delight in the roller coaster ride of emotions that fill my busy mama days!

Cheers to that!!

Happy Friday, friends!

I'm SO delighted that you're here, connecting with me as I create my calm during my life as a busy mama and I hope I'm inspiring the same for you! 


Until next time, 

Get YOUR creative calm YOU, too, can easily calms YOUR mind and soothes YOUR soul so YOU can slow down and SEE all the delight that fills YOUR emotional (happy, sad, frustration, anger, sadness, joy, delight, funny...) roller coaster ride of day.