Getting 'Move' Ready

This past weekend, we spent both days getting our house ready to be sold.  We are headed to Virginia this summer! 

I was in our bedroom cleaning the bathroom and I had walked out to grab more paper towels in the kitchen. 

When I came out, I happened to see this view...

Oh, gosh, it made me SMILE SO BIG!!

I ran and grabbed my iPhone. I put it on silent and I hid back behind the fireplace in the living room (because if they see me, they'll all stop what they're doing and tell me to stop taking pictures...well, mainly my husband!) and started snapping away while they had this special moment together painting the pantry doors. 

At the same time, I thought to myself just how much I love my husband and his patience with our kiddos with things like this.  Sure, he can lose his patience at times, but me....oh gosh, when I'm trying to get things done under a certain time frame, I tend to just want to do it as quickly as I can without any help from the kids...and when they ask to help over and over again I lose all my patience. 

Him...he has no problem always letting them help. 
And, HE always reminds me that I need to do the same more often!! 

And then, little guy saw me, covered his face and yelled out, "MOMMY!!" and then they all turned around and I ran back into the bathroom to finish cleaning while continuing to smile BIG.


Because even when life is filled with all these to-do's...especially when trying to get a house ready to be's these little moments I always want to remember! 

Oh, and cleaning a house that has been lived in for 7 years...that included a time of babies and toddlers is NO JOKE!! Now that's a memory I don't want to always remember. OH MY GOSH!! LOL! 

Until next time...

Slow down to savor what you love...through the lens (something that's very hard to do when your mind is running five miles ahead or behind present moment).