Getting Back to Calm

Handwritten with a super sharpie and painted with koi watercolors by Renee

Handwritten with a super sharpie and painted with koi watercolors by Renee

Oh, gosh! 

My head feels like it spinning.  Especially after this past weekend. 

We spent the entire weekend cleaning and prepping our house for it's upcoming sale, that is now currently listed and scheduled to have it's first showing tomorrow, as I type. (Good thing I cleaned like we were moving out tomorrow! Ha!).

But, seriously, yesterday, I felt FRAZZLED

Once I dropped the kiddos off to school I went straight to the grocery store. And, even though I had a list (I have to have a list or I have NO idea what I'm going to never used to be like that until I became a mom), I still had no idea what I wanted to make for lunch and dinner for the week.

I had just walked in, walked right over to look for the sourdough bread that I pick up weekly (which wasn't disappointing!) and my phone started to ring. 

D told me the guy who is going to check the water heater is going to be at the house in 30 minutes. So I booked it. I grabbed a few things and headed back to the house as fast as I could. (Good thing, too, because he was right on time...and yeah, that NEVER happens! Ha!).

Once things settled, I could FEEL how frazzled I felt.  Especially my mind.  I knew it was time for me to doodle uplifting words again. 

It's been WAY TOO LONG! 

I've been so focused on helping C with her school work this year (it has literally felt like her 2nd grade year has been like middle/high school) and also taking care of Luca, who is still 4 and still very much NEEDS me. (Who am I kidding...C still very much NEEDS me!).

But, lemme tell ya how fun it is when I stop to help C with her homework and I become SO focused on her that I don't realize that the house is SUPER quiet for quite some time and then I jump up and then ALWAYS find Luca in the bathroom messing with the toothpaste or making bubbles with soap in the sink. 

Good times! 

So, yeah, with all the things swirling around me in my life right now, it was SO time for me to make myself sit down and unwind my mind with some uplifting word doodles. 


Oh, gosh, do I need some major CALM in my life. Thank goodness this was a GREAT start! 

It always amazes me that no matter how long it's been since I've put marker and paints to paper, the benefits start to easily fulfill me. 

The way I feel when I trace over and over IS my ultimate mind calmer and then playing with watercolors over it, ALWAYS ignites my JOY, and then playing with it on Photoshop...ignites my JOY even more.

I literally feel like this huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  And, at the same time, all my frazzled thoughts calmed. Sure, they're still there, but there just not as loud. 

I truly is amazing and I'm just SO happy I'm finally getting back to this! 

So...before doing this, I felt...

- Like my mind was going a mile a minute
- Felt like my mind was 10 miles ahead of my body and my body was trying SO hard to catch up, but never could.

After doing this, I felt...

- Like a big weight was lifted off of my shoulders

So, YESSSS!! This doodle was SO needed!! Especially during this crazy time in my life right now! (Who am I life is always crazy! Ha!)


Until next time...

why doodle? because it easily calms the mind and soothe's the soul so YOU can FEEL just a little bit more CALM when life seems to be nowhere near it (something that's hard to do when your mind is running five miles ahead or behind the present moment).