Weekend Savors | Keepin' It Real

Because the week is filled with hectic schedules and not as much family time as I'd like, I love love LOVE to savor our family togetherness through the lens on the weekends. This is the most special time because we're all together the entire weekend and being with my family (and capturing it all) is my number one passion of all.  (all photos taken with iPhone and edited with the PicTapGo app)

For weeks now, we've been planning on taking the kiddos to the Bug Zoo (AKA The Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium) down in the city.

Back in February, Luca had an ear infection that ended up having him take three different kinds of meds to finally help it go away. (which all occurred when D was away for work for 3 weeks...oh man!)

Well, Luca is four and he HATES medicine.  So it was a crazy time for us to have to switch meds three times and trying to get them all down. (not fun...at all!)

Well...he did it! And because of that, we told him he could decide what he'd like for a special treat.

Hatchimal's are still on their way (we keep telling him (and C!) that they're still sold out everywhere...shhh!!), but...he really wanted to go to the Bug Zoo to see the butterflies. 

It's all he's been talking about for weeks!

After all this time, we finally figured out that this weekend would work for us to go. 

When we first got there, we had some excited kiddos! 

Then Luca saw the millipede's and the centipede and got a little freaked out. C on the other hand...loved every bit of them! Ha! (Luca's face in the first picture...absolutely jaw dropping! LOL! Priceless!)


After watching C touch them and hold them, he finally got brace and touched it for a second. Then he was done.  Ha! 

Then when we approached the underground area, which is more like a play area for the kids, that consists of a big worm and a spider that jumps out from the wall and is kinda dark, C ran right in, but Luca...nope...he wanted NOTHING to do with it. 

After he ran back to me, we found a better place where he felt more comfortable...their favorite (and mine, too!)...the beetle bug! 

We moved on to the alligators, which he saw something (I can't remember what!) that truly caught his eye and made his jaw drop. LOL! 

Until he was ready to move on a second later because he WANTED TO SEE THE BUTTERFLIES!! (Lemme tell ya...we zoomed through this place in like 5 minutes so we could get to them for him...LOL!) 

We zoomed through with one stop for a fun put the honey in the honey pot game. 

Until, FINALLY...we made it! 


That ended up freaking him out and he wanted to leave right away!! (If you look closely, you can see three butterflies flying right by Camille...so fun!) 

Again, Camille LOVED it, but Luca, he needs a little bit more time.  When he was younger, if a fly zoomed by him, he'd scream and cry. He hates it! 

So when the butterflies flew by him, he just wasn't having it.  I think it reminded him of those crazy flies.  I tried to tell him that butterflies are nice and won't bite or harm him, but he just couldn't stay in there with them flying around him

Poor little guy! 

So we head out the city streets on a mission to get Camille her first taste of beignets from Cafe Du Monde. (She had them when she was younger, but doesn't remember them.)

We had to walk a bunch of blocks and we got see all the fun beads in the trees. 

But once we got to Cafe Du Monde it was packed! It looked like Disney World with two lines going down the street. 

Out of all the seven years we lived here, we've never seen it THAT packed.  I'm owing it all to St. Patrick's Day weekend. 

But, boy, we ended up having two upset kiddos who basically spent the entire walk whining (one had to go potty very badly and wanted a toy from the gift shop and the other was complaining that she was SO hungry and her legs and feet couldn't walk anymore and she NEEDED to sit!!)

Once we made it to the potty for little guy, she sat on the step looking like this (with her hand on her tummy b/c she was SO hungry and she said she felt like she was at school when she has to wait for lunch time)...

I told her she has her, "the beignet line is too long" face on and then two seconds later she got beads and a stuffed animal from some nice people walking by.

She still wasn't happy. But, she has every right not to be, because just like Luca waited for weeks to go see the butterflies, she was waiting for weeks for beignet's.  

Luckily, her and Luca don't have school this coming up Friday and I told her I'd take them then, which helped the situation.  Phew! 

D and I then proceeded to Johnny's to get a Muffuletta, one we haven't had since we first moved here and really want again before we move this summer, but...

The kiddos were a mess, which then had us a mess and the whole entire time just became a mess...

So we headed to the car, drove home and went to Chipolte. 

Oh man...I wish we could have had that Muffuletta, but when things start to turn sour, and it's just not getting better and we're all losing our patience, the best thing to do is just leave. 

Once we were all settled in the nice, cool car, it was like no one was upset at all. Ha! 

Gotta love it! 

When you have little kiddos, you can plan something, but honestly, you never know how it's gonna go, so you always gotta be prepared for changes. Always! :) 

But, I'm still glad I was able to savor the little bit of time we had together at the Bug Zoo, because I'm pretty sure that'll be our last time there before our big move AND I highly doubt Luca will be asking to go again anytime soon. ;) 

And, I'll always be able to share this story with them when they get older. Which I'm sure they're gonna loooove hearing about. Ha! :) 



What did you SLOW DOWN + SAVOR this weekend?

Until next time...

Life IS so, so good (even when it can BE messy at times!)...SAVOR it up!