Feelin' Groovy

In honor of getting my creative GROOVE back, I just had to doodle this! Woohoo!!

Words can't describe how excited I am to finally be getting myself back to mindlessly, creating again. It's been SO long...that even the words I've been telling myself for months...."You gotta doodle, Renee!....You gotta pick up your camera again, Renee!" just didn't seem to help. 

Because, yeah, my left-brain to-do's are so much easier to focus on instead.  Thank you left-brain for making it SO hard to just start...NOT! Ha! 

Isn't it crazy that even though I know what's best for me...what will bring me JOY...what will balance me...what will rejuvenate me...what will make me SMILE big...what will connect me to what I love...what will help me think more positively....what will lift me UP...what will help me BE more present...what will help me BE who I want to BE in the world...that I still struggle to allow myself to do it!! Ahhh...#adulting!! 

Seriously, though, it FEELS amazing to BE doing this again.  I absolutely LOVE sitting down and tracing a word like this over and over again...and then adding color to it and playing with it on Photoshop...pure JOY!!

Joy that I never knew existed until I started coloring and doodling six years ago to calm my mind....because yeah, if you read my story, you know I grew up thinking, "I AM NOT CREATIVE!" 

I'm SO grateful that even though it's been SO long, I can pick up right where I left off...like with an old friend I haven't seen in years, but when I finally do meet up, it's just like old times...I'm laughing, smiling...feeling happy tingles as we talk...with no sense of all those years being away from each other for SO long...
oh, I love that SO much!

So, why on earth would I NOT want to make myself sit down and immerse myself in my JOY?!

Dang left-brain!  The side that's SO easy to continue to focus on and let control my life.

Not cool, left-brain!! Not cool!! 

Thank goodness that it doesn't take much for my right-brain to take over when I give it some mindless-creative fun to play with. And the coolest part of all, my motivation to create more JOY skyrocket's and I handle all those mundane and sometimes very stressful and exhausting left-brain to-do's with a lot more patience and ease (and yes, I'll still have meltdown's...but just not as much!) 

Doing this ALWAYS brings ME back to ME and who I am and what I LOVE and all of that stays with me throughout my days even when I'm NOT mindlessly, creating and dealing with sibling fighting and trying to get my kiddos to school on time and SO much more! 

And that's oh, SO groovy, man! SO groovy!! :) 

Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm SO thankful for my left-brain...it keeps me out of trouble, it gets me up in the morning, it helps me get my kiddo's to school on time, but when it doesn't get a much needed, rejuvenating break, that's when I feel OH, SO STRESSED!

My right brain NEEDS lots of lovin' too! It's like Yin and Yang...you can't have one without other.  And for me, the way to easily get that true left-right brain balance (that true LIFE balance!), I have to creatively tap into my right brain...daily! 

It's the only way I've found to EASILY calm my left-brain stress, ignite my JOY and let my "all is well in the world, man" right brain thoughts out.  And when that happens, I handle #adulting and #parenting SO much better!!

And I've tried it all (yoga, organic foods, slow walks in nature, mediation)...
you can read more about that here!

Which IS exactly how I want to BE in my life!  

Life really IS so much better when my left AND right brain get the nourishment that it needs and I'm stickin' to it...no matter what my left-brain to-do list says!! ;) 

And, yeah, I preach this all the time, but, I, too, fall off the creative wagon
and I, too...NEED this reminder...daily! :)


Until next time...

why doodle? because it easily calms the mind and soothe's the soul so YOU can connect back to YOU and what YOU love not matter how hard #adulting may be (something that's hard to do when your mind is running five miles ahead or behind the present moment).