My Mama Life Is Cray Cray

I always love it when C comes home from school saying all the cool things kids say these days.

Like this one, "cray cray." 

When she got in the car after picking her up from school and she said with the biggest smile on her face, "Riley was acting SO cray cray at PE today!"

I couldn't help but giggle.

When she says words like this that I already know, I play dumb and I ask her, "So, what does cray cray mean?"

And she responds, "Crazy, mom! Crazy! She was running around all over the place laughing and singing and going crazy. It was SO funny!"

And I say, "Oh..that's right! Crazy!" as I'm smiling away. 

Thank goodness this one was an easy one to figure out...the older I get, the more I have NO idea what the kid lingo is these days.  I sure hope she will happily tell me her lingo like this as she grows up. Ha! :) 

But, even though I'm smiling big, I can't help but think if I should tell her how sometimes her and her brother drive me CRAY CRAY.

Especially when...

  • They're fighting over her Cinderella screaming and fighting and yelling and crying and hitting for like 30 minutes because she won't let him wear them, when two years ago, she happily allowed him to and now he doesn't understand WHY she won't let him wear them anymore.
  • We're getting ready for school in the morning and they're yelling and screaming and fighting because sister is standing on brother's stool.
  • They both get to pick out a new toy at the same time because they both earned it and once we get home they're crying and upset because they didn't realize how cool the toy their sister or brother got was and that toy is now WAY better than the one they picked it out and they continue cry and say their upset because the want the SAME toy sister or brother got. 
  • They come running up to me and tattle-tale on the other every second.
  • They get SO mad at me when I won't let them take a bath together because if I do, they'll go CRAY CRAY with excitement and start thinking the bath is a pool and the entire bathroom will be soaked and I have NO desire or energy to clean it all up. 

And so on! 

Yes, my mama life can be CRAY CRAY in the most exhausting way these days, but thank goodness my kiddos remind me that there's more JOY cray cray in my very busy and very CRAY CRAY mama life!

Like listening to my daughter telling me her friend was acting cray cray at school and it was making her laugh and smile! Hearing her JOY always fills me with JOY! 

And even though it feels like there's more CRAY CRAY in my mama life that makes me want to run far far away to the most secluded island I can find, I still wouldn't have it any other way. 

This CRAY CRAY mama life keeps me on my toes, exhausts me, but also helps me BE oh, so grateful for all the JOY moments that easily melt the CRAY CRAY away. 

Like when I tell my kiddos to do Eskimo noses without smiling or laughing after they've both fought and have said sorry to each other (which I owe to my hair stylist for that one...her mom had her do that with her brothers and I loved it and had to use it!) and I'm watching you both trying NOT to giggle and laugh and then you run off playing happily together again ALWAYS makes me smile and melts my mama stress away, that is, until 5 minutes later, you're back to fighting again! Ha!

I'm SO grateful for my busy mama life...even if there are days that feel just a little bit more CRAY CRAY than others. And what I know for sure, I can't see, feel or have JOY without the CRAY CRAY! ;) 


Until next time...

why doodle? because it easily calms the mind and soothe's the soul so YOU can easily melt away the CRAY CRAY and focus on the JOY more (something that's hard to do when your mind is running five miles ahead or behind the present moment).