Savoring His Water Play Fun

So now that I'm getting my creative juices flowing again, I was THRILLED to see that I actually did take out my DSLR and capture my sweet, sweet boy in moments like this during his toddler years. 

Because, for the past three years, I've been feeling sad that I didn't give my boy as much DSLR love as I did his sister.

So when I sat down the other day to edit our beachin' Thanksgiving trip pictures, I started going through my picture files and found these. I couldn't believe it, because I didn't remember taking them at all. 

These were taken in January 2016 and he was three. Why is it that my second child is already four and a half and I just registered him for Kindergarten yesterday?!

His baby and toddler days have flown by a lot faster than his sister's. Oh my gosh! 

But, yeah, I'm SO excited to see these because I took these same moments with his sister (except she was in a Tinkerbell dress...hehe! See her pics here!) and it made my heart SO happy that he wasn't left out from all this fun, because, for me, with him, I feel like I've forgotten all the fun things I did when it was just his sister and I. 

Ah, motherhood, you exhaust my mind. Ha! 

But, seriously, my heart is SO happy because the past few years I've had NO desire to pick my big girl camera and sit at my computer and edit pics in Photoshop.  I thought I had lost my juice and was never going to take DSLR pics again, but, really, what I'm seeing, is that I was just burnt out from motherhood and needed sleep instead. 

I know I keep saying this but, it feels SO good to be back!!  Because deep down, I thought, well, just like always, I find something I love, but then it fades and then I keep feeling stuck in what it is I truly love and brings me joy beyond being a mother.  

So finding these pictures, and then feeling SO excited to go through them and edit them yesterday, I see just how much I absolutely LOVE staying connected to my camera and my inner, creative self in this way. 

I'm learning that when the JOY is still there (even if it's been years since I've connected to it), that that's a HUGE sign that I'm doing EXACTLY what I LOVE and that that LOVE will never leave me,
no matter how long it's been.

So with further ado, let's get to the good stuff.

I remember this day well. Luca was still home with me all day, every day and I was exhausted. (He has way more intense emotions than his sister ever had this age...I always say he's either VERY happy or VERY upset!...boy thing!?). I was sitting at the kitchen table when I remember how I always let C play at the sink with the water and bowls and cups. 

So I pulled over the learning tower and his FUN began! 

As his JOY ignited, I sat there and started to smile and FEEL his JOY. Then something ignited in me and I jumped up and grabbed my DSLR. And, while I snapped him, we were both FEELING the JOY. 

What are you doing with that big black thing Mommy? I haven't seen it an awhile. Ha! :) 

Teeny, tiny cuteness at the sink! 

He started out filling up bowls. 

And then switched to a cup. 

Oh, those little hands! 

And then pouring became his favorite! I mean really, how could it not be when you're three!? ;)

He poured and filled and poured and filled for about 30 to 40 minutes, but, shhhh, don't tell his Daddy that...he kinda has a "thing" when the water is left running for a long time. Ha! 

And oh, those little hands again!! 

Realizing that the water can go from a fast speed with a solid line to a slow speed with lots of lines was the best ever!! 

But pouring the water as high as your arm goes was EVEN BETTER! LOL! 

Oh, these moments!

I really am oh, SO thankful for them, because it's just too easy for me to focus on all the exhaustion that motherhood brings me, when really, it's the littlest moments like these that remind me that JOY is ALWAYS there and that no matter how tired I am from being a mom, I have to slow down and savor them as much as I can. 

And I can't thank CREATIVITY enough for finding me and helping me DO just that!! 

What have YOU slowed down to savor (through the lens)?  I'd love to hear! 


Until next time...

Why take pictures? Because it's one of the best creative tools to help YOU get out of your to-do list head + savor (fully enJOY!) what YOU love (something that's hard to do when your mind is running five miles ahead or behind the the present moment)