Savoring The Beauty In The Mess

My house on Spring Break!

As much as I miss having nice things and can't wait to have and a neat and clean house again, when I hear them giggling and laughing and having fun (and as long as they aren't hurting each other or breaking anything) I'm learning to embrace it, because one day, the carpet and floors will be clean, the furniture will crisp and bright and new, the plastic toys will be gone, the walls will have fresh paint, books, frames and nick-nacks will be out again and the little voices of imagination and wonder will turn into voices of grown ups.

Oh, my little kiddos, thank you for reminding me to let go of control and to slow down and BE reminded of all the beauty that comes through, what I like to call, making a mess. 

Until next time...

The of my favorite creative tools to help ME get out of my to-do list head and SAVOR (fully enJOY) what matters most to MY busy mama heart!