The other day my kiddos were giggling! 

Like non-stop and for what seemed to have lasted for way over 20 minutes. 

They were giggling SO hard that they had to put their hands on their tummy because it was starting to hurt from all that giggling joy.

And, let me tell ya, every single time they giggle like this it ALWAYS stops me in my tracks and reminds me to giggle, too.

Heck, it ALWAYS makes me giggle right them.

But, seriously, I just don't giggle like that anymore and I really, really want to. 

Sure, I giggle, but nowhere near like I used to when I was their age (s). 

I sure do miss that feeling. 

So every time I hear them giggle, I use it as my reminder to say, "Hey, Renee! Get out of your head, let go and GIGGLE more!!!!"

It truly IS pure nourishment for my soul!! 

Now, I just have to remember this when I'm doing laundry, scrubbing the floors, or cleaning the vomit off of Luca and his car seat (true story...just did this one yesterday!).  Ha! 

But, yeah, those moments usually don't make me giggle, and I believe it's OK not to, but I have remember that once I get through those not-so-fun moments, that when a moment comes that's making me laugh, that I really need to STAY in that moment and giggle just a little bit longer, like till my tummy and cheeks hurt. ;)