A Boy and His First Birthday Cupcake

As you know, my little guy turned one on August 29th.  We celebrated with some yummy cupcakes.  While he napped, I got everything together and we waited until he finally woke up.

As soon as he sat in his chair all he did was look back at his birthday banner.  Oh my goodness!! I thought he was never gonna look forward and that I wasn't gonna get any pics.  Too funny!

Yep! LOVING his banner! LOL!

Once we started singing "happy birthday" to himhe turned around for us and just smiled and listened.

He did so well sitting there while we sang. :)

Then he clapped at the end and then he really noticed what was in front him and was ready to dive in. :)

Oh how I just love the first cupcake fun. Hmmm....what IS this!?!?  LOL!

He was very proud of his icing lips.  :)

Then he played more with it.  

All while trying to figure out how to get it in his mouth.  

And, yes...he was successful!! :)

And still SO happy about it all.  That's my boy!! :)

I can never get enough of his sweet cheeks and the way he concentrates SO hard on things.

And I definitely can't get enough of how he just "chills out" while eating in his high chair. He does this everyday and I just love love LOVE it!

Of course, it wouldn't be any fun without some icing on his nose...thanks to his Daddy!  Ha!

And then we ended it with some more "looking at his birthday banner" again.  LOL!  I love this kid!!

Luca...you've brought SO much JOY into our lives this year...more JOY than I could ever have imagined.  I'm honored to be your mom and I'm SO grateful that you LOVE to smile.

You've made our little family complete!!  We love you!!

Life IS deliciously fun...SAVOR it up!