A Toy Cupcake Moment

Last week, I shared how I finally grabbed my BIG camera again and became 100% focused on Luca, while snapping all the JOY he was filling my heart up with.  After he had his coconut water fun, he found the play kitchen and sat for a moment to make a cupcake. It's these moments that I LOVE to capture, because, first, they don't last long and second, there's nothing more heart melting than watching your two-year-old focus 100% on the task at hand.

Trying to velcro the candle on, with his little hands, his cheeks puffed out, his little teeny, tiny nose, his red lips, his eye lashes, his hair, his cute little feet and that sweater!!! Oh, this is what I LOVE LOVE LOVE to savor most of all.

To me, it's more than just a quick shot so I can remember this moment for years to come and it's all about capturing all those little details that I wish I could slow down, but am lucky enough to have captured so I can remember the FEELING that this moment brought me for many years to come.

The FEELING of smiling as I watched him.  The FEELING of how proud I was of him playing on his own in this way.  The FEELING of my heart warming as I watched him blossom more into the little boy he is becoming.  The FEELING of remembering him as a baby and how he's SO not a baby anymore.  The FEELING of how grateful I am that he chose me as his mother and that I get to experience his JOY and my JOY at the same time and SO.MUCH.MORE! 

It's those FEELINGS that I truly wanna savor and capture!!


Because, for me, when I finally allow myself to get out of my head with my camera, sit down with my children, in this way, while snapping and just BEing with them at the same time, it's in that moment, that I realize, that this is the easiest way for me to truly BE present and SAVOR all those amazing FEELINGS for as long as can.

And that my friends IS exactly why I take the pictures that I do and why I love savoring life through the lens.  Because every time I look back on these moments that I captured, I'm still lit up with JOY and LOVE from that moment...every single time!! And I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it, SO, SO much!!

Until next time, 

Live life slow...it's the only way to savor what you love (and capture it, too!)