{Doodle Calm Thoughts: 13/21} All Colored + A Calm Mama Moment

{I've made a commitment to put ME (yes, ME!!) first on my "to-do" list so I can calm my thoughts while tapping into my creativity for the next 21 days. Read why I'm doing this here.  And if you wanna join me in the calming fun, come on over to my Facebook page and share what's happening for you and post pictures of your doodles, too!}Day 13: All Colored + A Calm Mama Moment

My Henna inspired doodle is all colored up! Woohoo!

I had so much fun with this one! 

I ended up looking online for more Henna inspired doodling ideas and I can't wait to play more with it!!

Seriously, how am I just finding this now?? LOL! :)

Well, today, I have a 'calm mama' story to tell you.  

This morning C and I went to the store.  We only needed  few things; milk, sausage, onions, peppers, garlic, marinara sauce and butter...we're making sausage and peppers tonight for dinner (without the milk..hehe!).

Well, C didn't want to go for a 'cart ride' today (that's what we call her being in the cart while we gather all of our grocery's as quickly as we can) and boy, did she let me know loud and clear.

She basically screamed, "WALKING! WALKING! WALKING!" while trying to climb out.  I stayed calm and didn't let my mind wander to those "Everyone is looking at us right now" thoughts (my mind really wanted to go there, but I didn't stay focused on it...which is HUGE for me!!).

I let her push the cart with me because that always helps in this situation and because I know she just wants to be little miss independent.

She was doing great, until we had to stop for a minute and wait for a man to pick out his lettuce so we could get to that same exact spot.  Next thing I know, C takes off. 

I grab my purse and freak out just a tad because I can't see her anywhere (usually my left-brain thoughts are FREAKING out right now, but my right-brain was whispering, "stay calm...stay calm"). 

I spot her and walk as fast I can after her (something was telling me not to run) while passing people saying, "She went that way" as I'm saying back with a smile, "Thank you"!

It's funny how they all knew I was her Mommy and I was going after her (I guess I had FREAKED OUT written all over my face!). :)

I caught up to her because she stopped by two grocery store workers and just looked up at them (it's like she was thinking, "gosh, you both are tall").


We walked back to our cart and luckily she wanted her snack so I was able to get her seated in the cart.  

I started to pick up my pace through the store just in case we hand another tantrum moment, but, thankfully, she was content, so I slowed down a bit.

I paid while she was trying to jump up and down in the cart (while talking to her calmly about staying seated in the cart - it seemed to be working just a tad...ha!)

I take five steps toward the door and, again..."walking! walking! walking!...SCREEEAAAAAAM!!" while she's trying to climb out.

A part of me just wanted to let her scream because I didn't want to give in to her toddler demanding screams, but then I ended up taking her out so she could push the cart with me again.  She was totally content, but when I glanced back at all the people behind us for a quick moment, I just knew we were both the center of attention in that moment because the store was very quiet at the time.

For the most part, I kept my cool. 

Usually these crazy, bolt-like feelings jolt through me and I get all frazzled when she throws tantrums in the store (or anywhere else)...mainly because I don't want her screams to bother others (or me!).  So I try to get out as fast as I can.

I picked up speed after her first tantrum/get away, but I didn't go as fast as I usually do. 

During her second tantrum while leaving...yes, I was a little frazzled, but I was able to keep my cool...I was able to still keep my inner calm (for the most part) and I just dealt with the situation without really even caring what all the people in the store were thinking (um, who is this mama named Renee? it sure doesn't sound like her!).

Because I think we can all judge what other parents are doing with their kids, well, I know we all do (me included), but now that I'm actually living a mama life, I will never, ever  judge what another parent does.  

We all have different situations and lifestyles.

But for me, as a mama, my main goal, a goal that is SO connected to my inner core, is to just stay calm in situations like these, because I really don't want to take my frustrations out on my daughter. 

I mean, don't get me wrong.  I have many days when my voice gets way louder than it should with her and, yes, I want scream just like she does, but in the end, I feel bad because I don't want her to fear me.

And, I know the only reason why I'm doing that is because I'm completely frustrated (and in much need of self-care).

So in the end, I'm the only one I should be concerned about when it comes to parenting.  What feels good and what works for me.

I feel that doodling is a major compliment in helping me stay connected to 'calm mama' goal. 

I did notice a change in the way I handled this toddler tantrum event.

I wasn't as frazzled and anxious.  And that's a huge (and I'm talkin' HUGE!) one in my book!!  :)

So...until next time...

{life IS colorful}

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