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{Slow Down Mama!} BE in the Moment!

{Slow Down Mama!} BE in the Moment!

This past weekend, this mama got a major message of how important it is for her to slow down!  Oh yes! I sure did!

If you saw my post on Monday, on the hidden message (thanks to all of you who left a comment!), well, it all connects with the amazing topic of slowing down.

Last Sunday, I spent the entire afternoon in my kitchen creating a few yummy recipes for the Super Bowl and for the week (loved it!).

I'm SO lucky to have a husband who enjoys building things.  Last year he made this wonderful chalkboard for our kitchen so I can write our weekly menu plan on it (can you see my WATER reminder!?!?  Oh yeah!!).

What does this chalkboard have to do with slowing down?

Well, I took a break from cooking at our little portal island that we keep right under the chalkboard.

I looked up and I saw the words enjoy life on one of the corks.  I was like, what?  Am, I reading that right?

I took a step closer and saw that I was reading it write.

I then noticed that it was on a Williamsburg Winery corks (loveloveLOVE their wine! My favorite is the Claret and I'm missing it A LOT since moving! ) .

Then I basically FREAKED out!


Because I've been drinking Williamsburg Winery wine for 3 years and I NEVER, EVER noticed the phrase enjoy life on them!

3 years! And, I never saw this!? We even had them saved in a mason jar waiting for the chalkboard to be built (where I could see them on daily basis! OMG!)

(OH, and here's a little secret...I actually worked at the Winery when we first moved to Virginia for 3 days! LOL! Yep, 3 days!  I ended up getting a teaching job with the school district, so I quit. And, yeah, I NEVER, EVER spotted the coolness on the cork then either! LOL!).

Once realizing this, I began looking at all corks on the chalkboard (how cool if we had them all turned to say enjoy life!).

I found another one here...

And here....

And here...


I literally had the biggest smile on my face.

I first took it as a sign from the universe that I'm on the right track in my business (because that phrase is a HUGE piece in how I want to serve others).

Then, I also took it as another BIG sign from the universethat s-l-o-w-i-n-g d-o-w-n is a must.

So here's what learned from this?

If I keep moving too fast, living life in my head, I will continue to miss the littlest (or biggest!) *positive* things (and I don't want to miss any little thing my daughter does, too!).

I also learned that this little phrase...

reminded me that the next time I open a bottle of wine or if I'm just sitting in the park with my family or doing anything else, that I'm going to stay present as much as I can. I'm going to look at the cork.  Touch it. Feel it.  Be kind to it.

I'm going to sit still and watch my family play. Give my daughter my full attention when she's talking to me (even though I have no idea what she's saying just yet!). Look at the grass.  Touch it. Feel it.  Be kind to it.

Because if I really, really pay attention to what I'm doing in the moment (and using all of my 5 senses!), there just might be a hidden *positive* message that will bring a smile to my face and fill me up with so much gratitude.

So I encourage you, as you go throughout your day, try to look at something you may have never even thought about stopping to look at.  You never know what *positive* message it may bring you once you really, really look at it! :)

Happy Wednesday!

{enjoy life}

{Inspire Me Monday} LOVE YOU!

{Inspire Me Monday} LOVE YOU!

{Inspire Me Monday} Hidden Message!

{Inspire Me Monday} Hidden Message!