{Inspire Me Monday} BE Present!

HELLO!  It's been a little while since I've been here.  I hope you had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving!

I'm SO excited for this time of year, but at the same time, there's lots to do (bake cookies, make fun holiday drinks, find fabulous holiday recipes, decorate, spend quality holiday time with my family, buy gifts, make gifts, wrap gifts, figure out where to hide gifts from my husband so he doesn't peek, send out holiday cards, prepare for family by cleaning my house, holiday parties, and SO much more), so I can find myself at times moving faster than I'd like.

This holiday season, while I spread holiday cheer, I have to make sure I stay present in the moment. This can be difficult for sure!  One way I'm going to do that is keep my gratitude list going daily and stopping for a breather at different times of the day.

Oh, and I have to make sure I'm getting my self-care in.  So that means nice hot baths with candles and definitely getting some "just ME time."  That means no one is with me! I'm all by myself doing anything I want without ANY distractions! Oh yes! This is a must! :)

I found this amazing artist on Etsy and I thought her painting truly represents today's inspiration beautifully. It's another artsy sensation that needs to go on my wall to help remind me to stay present each and EVERY day! I just love how it's a colorful reminder to go outside and soak up all of what nature has to offer (even if it's cold out!).

Be Present Print by Catina Jane Arts

What about you?  What do you do to stay present while enjoying all the holiday cheer that surrounds you all of December?

{life is present}