Being a Mama Sure is HARD!

Sometimes, during certain mama moments it can be REALLY hard to remember to just BREATHE! 

Last Friday morning, our day started just like it always does.  Lil' C in the bathroom with me while I get ready for the day.

Right after I was done, I stepped out of the bathroom, without even thinking and I went right to the bed to make it.

Not even a second later, I hear C say, "Aaaaaaah...HOT!!!!"

And before I know it, I'm in the bathroom because I KNEW exactly what happened.  

I forgot to put my curling iron away and she grabbed it.

It was her FIRST minor burn and man, it broke my heart into pieces.  She was hurting for about an hour or so. She wouldn't let me put her hand under cool water.  She wouldn't let me put ice on it.  And, she wouldn't let me put any cream on it.

She ONLY wanted bandaids (like 5 of them at the same time, and  yeah, we went through an entire box). I had to force her hand under the cool water while she was kicking and screaming and FREAKING out that her bandaids were wet.  Now, trying to do this while your pregnant is HARD!  And, just plain out trying to FORCE her, made me breakdown in tears.

I HATE forcing her to do things like this, but I knew the cool water would help her.

The entire time I was dealing with MAJOR mommy guilt because her minor burn was MY fault.  My brain slipped for a moment and I didn't put it away in time.

She was running away from me all over the house while CRYING.  She couldn't hear me trying to explain that we needed to cool it down, especially every time she kept pointing at her hand and saying, "Hot! Hot! Hot!"

It.was.horrible!  And, I cried...A LOT.  It was SO hard for me to see her in pain.  REALLY HARD!

Luckily, she asked to go for a car ride and she was able to calm down.  Her hand didn't seem to hurt so much anymore.  And she was much better by the time we got home.  This mama was RELIEVED!!

But, the entire day she was off.  She had every right to be.

And when she was off, my mommy guilt would set in again.

As you can see below...this is my lots-of-mommy-guilt-face.

Once D came home from work, she was better and I was relieved to have some help.  So we went and picked up take-out.  Once D left the car to go pay and pick up the food, she became upset again and it lasted until we got home.  And, again, I was in tears because she was SO upset and hurting and I couldn't do anything for her.

Sometimes I wish I was stronger when things like this happen to her.  To me, this is the hardest part of being a mama - staying strong while she's in pain.  Once she finally crashed for the evening and we were all well rested, our next day was much better. Whew!!

I know that they're will be more days like this and I know I will make it through....right? ;)

And this is my not-sure-so-sure-if-I'll-make-it-through-this-mama-face. :)

But, man, why does this part of being a mama have to be SO hard?  I guess, in the end, when I look back on all that I've done as a mama so far and when I think about all the things that are still to come my way with raising a child (and another on the way!) I'm already stronger than I think.  But, it's definitely hard to see this when you're in the middle of moments like these.

Just keep breathing...just keep breathing...just keep breathing...

Have any tips to share with how you stay strong and calm during situations like these?  I'd love to hear! 

Until next time...

{life IS colorful}