Naps + 50 Shades + Cherries :: My Bliss List

Lookie what was in my inbox from Mama Gena this morning... "Getting your bliss starts with finding bliss from where you are."

How cool is that?  Came to me on bliss day! LOVE  and SO true! :) 2nd week joining in the bliss fun and my list doubled.  Woohoo!  Thanks, Liv for helping me to see even more bliss in my life this week! :)

1. This past weekend we went on our hospital tour for baby boy.  On the drive home, C fell asleep in the car AND she still slept away on the couch for another hour or so once getting back to the house.  This was TOTAL BLISS because (well, if you read my How I Calm My Toddler's Meltdowns post then you probably already know) the past 2 months C hasn't been napping because she discovered how to open ALL the doors in the house, even with the baby proof knobs on...AND, she NEVER stays asleep after moving from the car to house.  I forgot how nourishing 2 hours of total quiet in the middle of the day can be for this mama!

2. We had 100% chance of rain last Sunday.  It was WONDERFUL!  I mean, I'm all for seeing the sun for the majority of the time (especially after I've lived up north for 3 years) but having a day...a 24/7 day, full of rain and thunder was total bliss for me.  We stayed in and hung out as a little family.  It was SO nice not going anywhere!  Days like these are truly the best. :)

3. This goes a long with #2.  I absolutely LOVE watching D play with C.  It always...ALWAYS melts my heart and I could watch them play for hours. He's truly the best Daddy when it comes to this.  Since it was raining all day, he played with her even more.  On the left...he was playing hide and seek with her and on the right, he made her a brand new robot box.  We've all been playing robot with this box for about a month, but on this day, D made the box even better - with eyes, nose and mouth...oh yeah!  But, C deconstructed it 5 minutes later.  hehe!

4.  Oh yes!  I'll admit it...I read ALL 3 Fifty Shades of Grey books.  I started them last Wednesday and finished this past Tuesday.  I know these books have gotten bad reviews, but I have to say, I couldn't put them down.  I loved the LOVE story behind all the talk that is usually spoken about these books. And, again, another Mama Gena shout out - she said it best in her post about the book here.  It's pretty much the best review I've ever read on the book.

It was nice to get out of my head for a bit with these books, plus, I'm a BIG romance novel reader. And, I'll be honest, its weird not having any Grey to read at night when I go to bed. But, yes, I know, some don't like this book at all, and that's OK, too! :)

5. Summertime cherries!! My favorite!!  I feel like a kid in a candy store during this time of year.  Since they're not out all year, I'm in total bliss when I get my hands on these babies.  SO YUMMY!!

6. C sitting in my lap for about 10 minutes while we watched a movie together.  WHOA!!  If you know toddlers...this doesn't happen I soaked this in and savored the moment as much as I could.  And, I'm glad there's still some room for her with my big baby belly. :)

7.  Oh, for the love of my dog!  Right now, my lovely lab, Rusty, drives me a little nuts.  I love him to death.  He's my first baby.  But, if you've been following me here, you know all about my mommy doggie guilt. He NEVER used to be glued to my legs.  The only time he was around me was when I was cooking or eating food.  Well, ever since C turned one, he's GLUED to me.  I trip over him all the time...and when you're a busy mama trying to tend to a toddler, it gets super hard and VERY frustrating.  He has sibling rivalry BIG TIME!

He won't even go outside for longer than 5 minutes.  He does his thing and then immediately barks to come back in. Well, yesterday, I took him out and couldn't believe what I saw!!  He was actually spending some "alone" time outside.  BLISS for mama!! It was short (and can you see how he's looking right at me - he tracks my every, but I was SO glad he finally took some time for himself.  I know he needs it just as much as I do! LOL! :)

I've joined Liv Lane and her blog I'm Choosing Beauty Friday bliss list fun.That means every Friday I'll be linking up with Liv and her blog sharing all the bliss that happened during my week here on my blog.  I just love how it keeps you looking for the *good* that happens throughout the week.  If you'd like to join in the bliss fun, check out the link here and below my bliss list for more info.  :)

Wanna join in the bliss list fun? You know you wanna. ;)  If so, leave what's been blissing your world this week in the comments section or, if you have a blog, join in the bliss link up fun over on Liv's blog.  You can read her  Friday bliss list (which are always AWESOME) and you can read all the other bliss bloggers lists, too!

So fun!  If you do participate in Liv's link up on her page, be sure to add your link before Sunday at midnight.

Until next time...

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