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{BE Calm Mama!} Breathe and Let Go...

{BE Calm Mama!} Breathe and Let Go...

Right now we have a full on teether! It feels like we've been having this teething party for 10 years. C got her molars first, and some of her front ones, but now we're working on rest and the lovely INCISORS! Joy!

She's been 2 for 2 months and we're SO thankful that all her last teeth have decided to come in all at once,instead of one at a time, but I tell ya, this mama can't wait until they're all here and she's in First Grade full of excitement for the Tooth Fairy to pay her a visit.

As you can see, we're loaded up with all teething comfort necessities: milk, soothie (which we will be giving to the babies once they're all here, Minnie Mouse and snacks).

Right now she looks oh-so-content, but this past week has been a different story.

All of her teeth have broken through (it looks like ice caps that form on top of mountains) except for one. And that one kept her up crying last night for an hour after I put her down.  Or, it could have been the heater fan in her room...I'll never know.

After putting her down for the night, I just wanted to sit down in peace (and not move!) and watch my shows that are taped on the DVR.  I sat there and just listened to her scream.

My body was filled with discomfort.  I went in once.  Talked with her, gave her some milk after she asked.  She gave the milk back, and she seemed fine.

2 seconds later, crying out for milk again.  I said, "Nope!  I'm not going back in there."

Yep! I went back in.  Again, more milk, she seemed fine and I left again.  I sat in my nice, big, comfy chair and just waited.

Sure enough.  She screamed again.  I finally gave up, even though I SO badly wanted to be done with mommy duties for the day and savor MY TIME...ALONE, and went and got her.

I shut off all the lights and we cuddled together in my bed.  She ended up sleeping the night with me.

As I lied there trying to not let the worrisome thoughts run through my head, "What if she rolls of the bed.  What if Rusty doesn't see her and tries to lay down on her.  What if there are TOO many pillows on the bed.  What if she pokes me all night and keeps me up," I realized that:

  • It's these moments that can be SO difficult as a mom.
  • It's these moments that have me saying, "I don't want anymore kids" because I SO want some ME TIME!
  • It's these moments that teach me that I have to let go and just let what is happening in the current moment just BE.
  • It's these moments that teach me that this is my new life and I have to accept that everyday will not wrap around me (but soon enough, those days will be back, right?).
  • It's these moments that teach me that I have to stop whatever I'm doing and BE the comforting and calm mama for my teething child who needs me.
  • And it's these moments that bring back sweet memories of when she was a teeny-tiny baby sleeping soundly all swaddled up next to me (because, yes, it really does seem like that time was a long time ago and I sure do miss it!) that make me smile.

So in the end, as difficult as it was to just let go and accept that I wasn't going to get some alone time to watch some of my favorite shows, it felt good to shut everything off at 9:30 pm and crawl into bed with my precious little one who just needed her mommy for some loving comfort.  (Kinda like when the Internet is down...it's like a gift because you get to disconnect with the world for a bit.)

I probably would of stayed up until 11 p.m. and I would have been upset that I didn't get into bed sooner.

So this moment actually helped me to take better care of myself by going to bed early.

And once there, I just breathed, let go and embraced the moment with my daughter. Because, soon enough, she'll be embarrassed that I'm around sooner than later.

(But I'm still SO SO ready for teething to be OVER!!) ;)

{life IS love}

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