Want To Calm Your Thoughts? Doodle!

Remember last week when I talked about why I doodle? Well, there's also another fun benefit to it that I'd like to share. :)

You know how many people these days promote sitting still in silence...mediating...calming your mind with your breath, and when you do you'll be able to hear your inner guide much more clearly.

Lovin' Life, on Twitter, said  it best, "If you just stopped to really listen to your inner guidance, you would be amazed at what you hear and learn".  (You should totally follow her...she's such an inspiration!).

All of these tools are SO amazing and SO helpful to create stillness, but every time I try them, I'm always battling my inner thoughts. I get focused on my breath. Get still. But then seconds later I'm all caught up in my past and future thoughts, and then I have to start all over again...and again...and again.

I could hardly ever hear those inner whispers that they say would help guide me to my true self that I SO badly wanted to hear.

Every time I'd create some stillness, my body felt amazing, but my mind was still in "to-do list" mode, which left me thinking, "Quieting the mind is SO hard".

Has that happened to you?

Since becoming a Creatively Fit Coach and learning more about calming my left brain thoughts with right brain activity, I'm now able to easily quiet my mind in less than 10 minutes.

I'm not in a constant {quiet mind battle} anymore and I'm able to hear my inner wisdom and guidance SO much more easily.

Because I do mindless creativity. Mindless doodling. My left brain world, the one that is SO concerned with the past and the future, finally takes a back seat and lets my right brain world, the one that is present and speaks inner wisdom, guidance and positivity, take center stage.

Once I switch from left brain to right brain activity, it doesn't take much for me to hear my inner AWESOME wisdom.

But the only way I can open up this inner wisdom is to start with a mindless creative activity, which I like to call doodling. :)

Sometimes I'm not able to find the ideal quiet space to doodle because of all my mommy duties that fill my day.

So when C wants to color, I'll doodle right beside her.

Sometimes I'll start a doodle when she's content playing on her own, and then finish it up with her later on (like you'll see in the picture below).

While C colored her own doodles, I continued on with the one I started that morning.

But here's the COOL thing that happened. That morning I felt like trying a new doodle.

I've been talking to my friend, Tracy, about doodling, and how I'm incorporating it into my ecourse that I'm currently writing, and she ended up coming across these really cool doodling templates and sent them to me.  I thought they were really fun.

That morning I remembered the circle one that I saw on the template page and decided to draw it on my own since I was craving some doodling that involved circles.

Oh my gosh, it was SO fun!  I wasn't able to finish it all, so I closed it for another "doodling break" time.

Later that morning C wanted to color.   I thought, "PERFECT! I can color my doodle again! Yippee"!  Yes, I get excited! Love it! :)

When I opened it back up and glanced at what I had already done, I had an instant thought of, "Everything is coming together".

That thought, "Everything is coming together" spoke out to me three times in a row in a matter of seconds.

I looked at the circles, the colors, and the circles again. I thought, "YEAH! That totally makes sense. Circles mean unity.  I'm working on my new business material.  My purpose behind my business is in full on clarity mode (it's been a VERY long time since I've had clarity).  I'm starting to blog again.  I'm creating work time and family time.  So, yeah, it IS all coming together, nice and slowly, at it's own pace.  And I'm OK with that now (because before having C I was always on a full speed ahead mode, which now is a lot harder to do in my mommy world). WOW"!

Because I've been doodling for months now, and, like I said before,  it doesn't take me long to hear my inner wisdom and guidance.

But, the only reason why I can hear them is because I'm calming down my inner past and future thoughts that fill my left brain mind (yes, the left brain is the keeper of all things past and future).

Right brain thoughts and right brain activities (that are mindless - no rules...no certain outcomes) are meditative. They help us stay connected (and reconnect us) to our true selves and they help us stay balanced and whole.

The right side of the brain is the intuitive, holistic side. OH YEAH!! :)

In order to activate this intuitive side, you've got to give it some hands on, mindless, creative fun.

Meditation, sitting still, yoga (all those de-stressing tools) are WONDERFUL for the body and SO needed.

But if you're someone who REALLY wants to get still...really wants to quiet your thoughts...really wants to reconnect with your true self...really wants to live life with your own inner wisdom and guidance (and struggles in mediation and yoga class...or even just sitting in a quiet room for 5 minutes) then I give you permission to stop, grab something to doodle with, and begin to give those inner past and future thoughts a much needed break with some mindless creative activity.

And when you do this, make sure you're breathing, focusing on the colors and the movement of the pen/crayon to paper (but honestly, you won't need this reminder because it will happen naturally because it's a hands-on, in the moment activity...your mind will be having so much fun with the activity that you won't find yourself struggling to stay focused in the calming present...promise!).

OH, and if you're totally freaking out right now because you feel like you can't draw or don't have any creative juices flowing through you, then just print out one of the templates from this site or get a kids coloring book...no rules...no thinking...just mindless fun!  It's OK to be a kid again, I won't tell. :)

But, I'll tell you this...you DO have creative juices flowing through you! GUARANTEED!  We all do!

OH, and lastly, don't let those left brain thoughts: What are you doing?  This is crazy? You're not a kid anymore! You have SO much work to do! You don't have the time to do this! I can't draw like Renee! scare you away (um, yes, you're left brain will be FREAKING out!), because after 10 minutes or so, you'll see and FEEL a shift in your thoughts...a shift that feels fun, rejuvenating and have you humming your favorite tune, which means you've now entered right brain land...woohoo and welcome, it's been waiting for you!

Doodling IS the number one way to help you stop, calm your overplayed and overwhelmed thoughts so you can listen and learn from your inner wisdom and guidance.

And with each day you doodle, each day you'll realize that sitting still in mediation won't be such a {quiet mind struggle} anymore, and you may just find yourself meditating more than you ever have before...guaranteed! (Yes, I've guaranteed a lot today...but I stand behind my word!).

So, until next time...

{life IS mindless creativity}