{Photo of the Day} Chillin' With My Lovey

{I've started a, Photo of the Day, series here on my blog.  I'm doing this to keep my passion for photography alive, as well as keeping myself challenged (which can be hard with mommy duties constantly call my name) to continue learning my photography skills.  By doing this, I'll stay connected to the beauty of the world that surrounds me on a daily basis...the #1 reason why I love pursing my passion for photography.  Wanna join me?}


Yesterday, C and I went outside to play.  My mommy instinct knew not to take her out there because the grass is REALLY high and in major need of mowing.  She finally took a nap in her big girl bed and I promised once she napped we'd go outside.  So I felt bad and went outside with her anyway - knowing my gut knew not to.

She was by me the entire time and then for a few seconds I wasn't by her.  Next thing know she was crying SO loud.  She ended up getting stung by yellow jackets...6 times.

Luckily, she is FINE!  AND, luckily, they only got her on her legs. Whew...but I was SO scared and full of mommy guilt (and not to mention my  pregnancy hormones didn't make it any better - yes, I cried).

So, today, we've been hanging out at the house so I can make sure she doesn't itch those bites (very hard to do with a 2 year old).  We've been icing them and putting itchy cream on several times a day.

My heart hurts, but at the same time, I'm so glad she's OK!

Until next time...

{life is colorful}