{Foodie LOVES Friday} Cinnamon Apples

Ahhhhh, fall.  I just love it.  Even as much as summer. :)

I feast on beautiful, cold and crisp foods all summer long that once September hits I'm ready for some warming, fall foods.

I never became aware of this until I lived in Virginia for 3 years.  I pretty much had no idea what seasonal weather was like when living south Florida.   I think I remember making chili once in January, but then the next day I was still chowin' down the watermelon. :)

Now that I'm living in a warmer climate, my mind still knows it's warm out, but my body wants warming, fall foods.  So even though it's still a little warm now, I'm finding myself making more soups and one pot meals.

Last year, when my daughter was 1, I began making warm apples for her.

I'd put them in a pot, add in some apple juice, butter, cinnamon and vanilla and in 5 minutes, I'd have these apples that kinda reminded me of the apples that are served at Cracker Barrel.

In my opinion, they are pure heaven.  And, I think my daughter would say the same, since she CHOWS them down.

I made these a few weeks back and decided to add them to my yogurt.  TOTAL YUM!

I used Fage Total Plain Yogurt, mixed in some honey and added some pecans.  YES, like I said, TOTAL YUM!

So if you're looking for something warm, sweet, in season and SUPER EASY to make, this is it!  

Your kiddos will love 'em, too!

Happy Fall Y'all!

:: What's your favorite fall food? ::

{life IS delicious!}


Cinnamon Apples

1 apple, diced (I leave the skin on.  It gets soft, but if you don't want it, go ahead and peel it).
1 to 2 tablespoons of apple juice
1/2 tablespoon of butter
1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon (or you can use apple pie spice)
1 teaspoon vanilla

1. Dice and core apple.  Bring pot on stovetop to medium heat.
2.  Add in apples, apple juice, butter, cinnamon and vanilla.  Mix.  Cover.
3.  Bring apples to simmer for 5 minutes.   You may need to check on them and mix.  If you want them to be super soft, leave on longer.  If you want them a little crisp still, leave on less.
4. Place on your favorite serving dish, immediately.
5.  Turn off all distractions, sit down by yourself or with your family, take a few deep breaths, say how much gratitude you have for your food, your family, your life and dig in, slowly and savor the deliciousness!

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