{Slow Down Mama!} Cozy Holiday Candles

This time of year I find myself buying more candles than I normally do throughout the entire year. I just love all the fabulous warm and fuzzy flavors that come out this year. It really makes the FEELING of this time of year even better than it already is.

And, it's a beautiful reminder to live in the present and enjoy everything that is currently happening around me. The one thing I really love is how I can leave one room and walk in another and I'm immediately uplifted by the beautiful aroma of the candles lit in the room.

Sure, I always have my candle lit when I take my baths at night, but having more candles lit around the house right now really shows me how they truly brighten up my life. I find myself lighting them more throughout the day (like right when I wake up!), rather than waiting until it gets dark out. It truly brings me calming energy. And that's something I'm always craving.

So as 2010 comes to end, I've decided to bring out my candles more as 2011 approaches. And during 2011, I'm committing to lighting more candles and also buying more throughout the year. The most important thing I can do for myself is surround myself with beauty on a daily basis and lighting candles represents true beauty in my book!

Do you love candles? If so, which one's are your favorite? I'm in the process of looking for more fun smelling candles. Right now I tend to stick with Yankee Candles. I just love their cookie and vanilla flavors. Mmmmmmm!

Happy candle lighting! :)

{life is beautiful}

P.S.  I just signed up today for Reverb10.  I'm pretty excited.  It lasts all of December and it's the perfect way to reflect on this past year and manifest what's next.  The best part, it's free!  So you'll be seeing my posts here!  Woohoo!  If you're interested, sign-up! It would be awesome to do this together!  Happy Writing! :)