{Doodle Calm Thoughts: 9/21} Cravin' Swirls is Complete!

{I've made a commitment to put ME (yes, ME!!) first on my "to-do" list so I can calm my thoughts while tapping into my creativity for the next 21 days. Read why I'm doing this here.  And if you wanna join me in the calming fun, come on over to my Facebook page and share what's happening for you and post pictures of your doodles, too!} Alright! So yesterday, Day 8, I showed you my 'Cravin' Swirls' doodle, halfway completed.  

Well, today, I get to show you it completed!  Wooootothehooooo!! (Yes, this is my new saying...not sure how that happened..hehe!).

I had a lot of fun with this one. 

What I came to find out is that I'm really enjoying taking the time to doodle once C is down for her nap.

Usually I'm doodlin' after she goest to bed.  So seeing the affects from doing this right when I put her down is really refreshing. 

I absolutely LOVE connecting with color while the house is super duper quiet.  

When I doodle at night, I can still hear D watching TV and our neighbors dogs are always barking non-stop. .

So, yeah, totally LOVE this (especially since the dogs around my house have been super quiet, as well..ahhhh!)

What's really amazing about it all (something that I've connected with since learning about how important it is to get out of my left-brain daily with some right-brain activity) is how truly meditative this activity is for my mind.

I love to do yoga and guided meditations, and my body feels amazing when I do them, but my mind gets the most refreshing mediative benefits when I doodle.   Something I don't get with yoga and guided mediations (my mind is still chit-chatting away!).

I did this for 10 minutes both days, and I just feel like I left my to-do list at the door, got a massage, hung out with friends, slept in, ran around in the yard and mainly just connected with ME again.  

Yes, all of those feelings I get from all those activities I just mentioned, are all spun-up-in-one after doodling.

Who knew that a kids activity is this A.MAZ.ING!  Yep!! That's why I'm here to spread the meaning behind doodling message! :)

But, the key is, to not let your left-brain take over.  Because it definitely wants to.  Once getting through the left-brain to-do list thoughts, that's when those feelings come into play.

It doesn't take long either.  

Now, I know some of us don't have the luxury of our kids napping or a break from work, but if you can just find 5 minutes, you'll reap the benefits (and, better yet, do the doodle with your kids if you can!!).

Grab a peace of paper, a pencil or a pen (you don't even need colors - but they do help - so maybe find a sharpie!) and just doodle something you used to doodle when you were a kid.

Sometimes I do it in the car when we're all going somewhere as a family.    This is the perfect time because we're all in our seats and no one can jump on my lap and take my coloring tools.  Or, just have your paper and crayons by your bed at all times - do it when you get up in the morning, or before you go to bed.   Just color a page.

I'm tellin' ya...it will help create calm in your life and help you reconnect with you and what you truly LOVE. 

Last night was the first night in a long time where I cooked dinner and I didn't feel so overwhelmed.  The reason being - my mind was calm.

It's SO easy for our minds to be overwhelmed because we are multi-tasking all.day.long.  So doodling, yes, doodling, will help calm those overwhelming thoughts...it'll help stressful situations feel not-so-stressful (and I'm pretty darned stressed, so I know this first hand!!).

But, just like with everything else, you can't just do it one day and then do it again a month later.  

This is exactly what I'm seeing.  I took a break...a long break...and I felt the affects - mood swings, overwhelm, stress, frustration..etc.

These past 9 days, I've noticed a change.

I started working out more this week and I'm feeling more calm.  Major plus!! :)

So if you're like me and are full of overwhelm, then I'd love for you join me in this (even if you don't like to draw! Trust me, I never thought I'd be doing this.  My mother is an artist, not me!  You can read more about this here (Why Doodle?) and here (Lookie Inside Me Art Journal).

Because what I know for sure...doodling IS colorful mediation for the mind, body and soul.

And, the best part, you get to be a kid again while creating colorful calm in your busy, mama life.  Now that's what I'm talking about!! Because life is meant for FUN!  YEAH!! :)

So...until next time...

{life IS colorful} and HAPPY FRIDAY!!  Let's hope my GATORS can pull off a win this weekend!! :):)

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:: And if you wanna join in the fun, come on over to Facebook and tell me how doodling is helping you and post a pic of your doodles, too! I'd love to see them! OH, and feel free to use my doodles as guide, too.  Just be sure to give me the credit since it's my original. Thanks! :)  ::