{Inspire Me Monday} Creating My Dream

Since becoming a mom, I've had SO many amazing positive shifts in my life.

I've also been spending many hours visualizing what I want to create for my life outside of being a mom.  This has left me to create a lot of indecisiveness for myself.  Being indecisive isn't fun.   And definitely not good while raising a 15th month old.

I'm someone who wants to be in this world doing something that aligns with every part of who I am.  I've been on quite the journey so far.  From journalism to teaching to health coaching and now photography.  Out of all of these, photography steals the show.

I can't even tell you how much I vibrate with positive energy when I think about and create photography. But, I also have a love for holistic living. And this is what's been causing my indecision.  Photography? Holistic Health Coach?  Photography? Holistic Health Coach?

I've been torn in which direction to take for months now. I'll make a decision based on how I feel, but then my mind takes over and leads me back to not knowing which direction to take.

My insides know and are telling me which direction to take. But my fear of the unknown is keeping me from moving in that direction.  Oh, and not to mention all the wonderful excuses my mind LOVES to think up of why I can't move in the direction I'd like.

I'm SO not used to this.  I'm usually the type to go right after something that I feel is needed to create my life. Since becoming a stay-at-home-mom, I'm finding that it's a little harder.   But, each day, I chose to get clearer and clearer, even if it can be difficult.  And, yes, I have those days where I feel like I'm right at the beginning again.

I don't have all the right answers on how to solve indecisiveness, but what I'm starting to learn is that it's all about how you FEEL.  If it feels REALLY GOOD, but a little scary at the same time, then I'm headed in the right direction.  If it FEELS so-so and scary, then I'm not headed in the right direction.

Beginning this week, I've decided to do something everyday toward creating my dream. It doesn't have to be HUGE.  It could be as small as writing a quote down in my journal that inspires me to move forward to researching more about my passion to writing a blog post.  And, it definitely means unplugging to Facebook and reading other blogs.  Oh yes, this is when last weeks post comes in handy, for sure! :)

I'm going to start becoming more aware of how it FEELS for me.  Am I jazzed?  Am I not-so jazzed?  Excited?  Not-so excited? Enthusiastic?  Not-so enthusiastic? Loving every part of it?  Not loving every part of it?

All of those questions mean so much to me. I feel that if I'm not doing something each day that fills up my entire being with positivity and joy, then I'm not doing what I'm meant to do here on planet Earth.

I'm ready to follow my dream!  I'm ready to let my passion truly come out and play and blossom in this world! I'm SO ready to let go of indecision and I'm SO ready to show Camille that her mommy does what she LOVES!

How about you?  Do you have a passion that is ready to come out and play?  If so, wanna join me in spending some time on letting it blossom this week and weeks to come?

And, lastly, here's an amazing inspirational quote that spoke loud and clear to me and I just had to share with you.  I definitely need to buy this and hang it in my office.  SO true! :)  (Oh, and you should roam around her shop, too.  I could buy them all!)

Here's to starting the week off with inspiration...cheers!

{life is inspiring}