Creativity Creates a Calm + Confident You

I've FINALLY started picking up my paintbrush again.  It's been WAY.TOO.LONG.  And, boy does it FEEL good!! This painting...

was the FIRST one I've done in months...or even a year (I can't remember the last time I painted, but I know it was when I was still pregnant with lil' bro).

Now, looking at this painting, my left-brain says, "OMG! YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!"

But, here's the thing...I'm not painting to create amazing canvases that label me an "artist" or with the intention of trying to sell.

I paint because it's the #1 way that helps me feel like I've just walked out of the day spa.  I'm NOT even kidding.  I've tried SO many things to help calm my mind and body, and doing this...doodle painting...oh WOW!!  Instant calm thoughts, with my body following.

I try not to think too much about what I'm going to paint.  I just pick a favorite doodle that FEELS calming to me in that moment and I always pick colors that FEEL calming, as well.

I usually paint the same doodle with the same colors every time or I'll just switch up the colors or just paint something completely different.

It's not the subject that matters when it comes to mindless-doodle painting. It's what's going to bring me that calming FEELING that I need and crave that matters!!

So whatever I paint, I always make sure to pick something that's EASY and not having me think much at all.

Because after a long day of taking care of others, I have no energy to THINK anymore!! :)

In this doodle painting moment, I chose flowers.  And I continued for the next few weeks, too.

After I finished the flower up above, I had a HUGE smile on my face.  While cleaning up my paints, my smile just wouldn't stop.  It was coming from deep within me.

I couldn't even remember what I was stressed about and I felt light and HAPPY!!  Like the stress bricks completely melted off my shoulders.

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!  I LOVE that!!

I feel this way every single time I paint!! Every time!!

You wanna know something else????

Even though I'm using this type of creative activity to help bring me inner calm and easily melt my mama stress away, something else is happening  at the same time, too.

My inner creative child...the one I left back in kindergarten (the one we were ALL born with) coming out to play AGAIN!!

The more I doodle paint, the more doodle painting ideas come to my mind more easily.

I create calm, but I'm also reconnecting, or shall I say, FINALLY connecting with my inner creative self again.

So, the next time I found time to paint, I immediately knew I wanted to still paint flowers, because they still felt calming to me.

But this time, I used different colors and added a different twist...three flowers instead of one.

And, then, once finishing, I add dots around the outline. Something I LOVE to do and something I didn't connect with until a few months into reconnecting with my inner, right brain, creative child again.

And then I painted again, but just did one flower and used different colors.

A huge difference from my first one, right? (There's a HUGE difference from my very first doodles than from what I do now)

Now, you may be looking at these paintings and thinking, "Dang! I can't do that!!"

My 22-year-old babysitter actually saw this one...

She asked me if I painted it and I told her yes and she responded with, "That's SO good.  I LOVE it! I could NEVER do something like that?"

It's the "I could NEVER do something like that" part that made me SO sad.

Because, I was once her, saying those exact words.  And, from what I know now, she CAN do that!!

As a society, we grow up thinking we're not "artists" or the "creative" type because we don't think we can do creative, artsy things.

Well, I'm here to tell you that when you were a toddler/kindergartner, you did do those things and you still CAN do those things as an adult.

When you play with paint in a toddler/kindergartner way, meaning, we paint with NO picture to creating for grade...and ONLY as a way to pick colors that you LOVE using them as a way to paint something you LOVE and only in a way that FEELS GOOD to you... you create more calm, balance and FUN in your busy life. 

Mindless creativity is SO needed in our very, fast paced world.  

When we're toddlers, we don't have a care (or responsibilities) in the world.

Then we go to school and we start learning that we need to study, get good grades, graduate, start a career, become successful, raise a family and our inner creative self starts getting buried.

Yes, we need the tests and the studying and the responsibilities, but we also NEED to keep our inner creative self alive as well.  

And, right now, tests, studying, technology, worries, stress, how to living, the left-brain, is dominating!!  Our right brain NEEDS some major attention!!

Now, when it comes to adding in more right brain activity, this doesn't only mean doodling...this could be building, writing stories, singing, dancing...anything that gets you into your right brain in a feel good way for YOU!  Doodling just opens the door to your creative talents that have been buried for so long.

As an adult, think back to toddler living.  They're SO proud of anything they create and they're also SO confident in sharing their work with others.

They don't say, "I can't do that" or "I'm not creative" just yet.

Once the toddler stage passes, those words start being said and then before you know it, "creative" activities lessen until they aren't seen much at all because they aren't seen as "cool" or "successful."

Well...I'm here to tell ya, no matter what your age, you ARE creative.  And your creativity is NEEDED in your life, because it's the KEY to creating more CALM and FUN in your life.

And, I'm not talking about the creativity that requires a step-by-step book and TONS of materials (at least, not yet...not until you've swept all the cobwebs away and unleashed your inner creative self).

When you create like a child again...when you reconnect to what your inner child loved or loves to take a mental break from the external world and you start to feel more ALIVE and naturally energized.

Creativity IS the missing link to creating calm.

It's hands on, pulls you into the present moment, calms mental chatter and leaves you feeling more confident about yourself and has you taking more action on the things you truly love in your life.

So if you're looking for a new way to relax and you wanna ditch all the rules and the external left-brain "how to take care of yourself" sources and just BE a kid again...start doodling!! 

The only what FEELS good, who cares what others think and have fun playing like a kid!!

You are an artist!

You are creative!

But, please!  Be patient with yourself.  Because when you first start diving into mindless creative activities again,  your left brain will tell you all the reasons why you SUCK at it and that you should STOP and do something more productive.

Just give it 10 minutes and I promise you'll find yourself feeling happy, calm and rejuvenated.

Wanna use creativity, such as doodle painting, to FEEL more CALM?

Here's what you need...

* Get something paint on...cardboard, paper or a white canvas
* Get some paints...your kids paints, crayola paints, watercolors or some cheap acrylic paints from an Art store
* Get some paint brushes...your kids paint brushes or the $5 dollar pack at Wal-mart or the Art Store
* Paper or drop cloth to put over your table
* A cup to put water in for your brushes while painting
* A paper plate to put your paint color on or a palate if you'd like
* Paper towels to dry your paint brushes after dipping in water

Here's what you do...

1.  Pick any doodle that you that you draw while on the phone waiting on hold or one that you always drew in high school in that one class you were SO bored in.  Any doodle that FEELS good will work!

2. Pick colors that FEEL good and place them on your paper plate or palate.

3. Paint canvas background with your favorite color.  Let dry.

4. Paint doodle and then paint it in with all the colors you love.  Just play with it and keep choosing colors that you love.  Even mix colors together to make new colors.  The sky is the limit.  Don't like what you're painting, paint over it! That's the beauty of mindless-creative get switch up anytime!! :)

5. Your left-brain WILL tell you that your painting sucks and that this activity is NOT for you...just keep painting...just keep painting...and soon you'll see those thoughts calm and you're feeling giddy and more like an excited toddler again.  And before you know it,  you'll be smiling and feeling more at ease and more calm. (Remember, this is NOT art class.  You will NOT be graded. This is a mental break and a creating calm activity ONLY!).

6. Please don't compare your work to mine.  You have your own unique creative talents.  Use mine as a guide.  And soon you'll see your own inner doodle painter come out and blossom.  I promise!

6. Have fun!!

So tell me...

What's you favorite way to calm your mind and melt away stress after a long and busy mama filled day?

Until next time...

Life IS creatively awesome...SAVOR it up!