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{Doodle Calm Thoughts: 6/21} Now We're Colorin' Fall

{Doodle Calm Thoughts: 6/21} Now We're Colorin' Fall

{I've made a commitment to put ME (yes, ME!!) first on my "to-do" list so I can calm my thoughts while tapping into my creativity for the next 21 days. Read why I'm doing this here.  And if you wanna join me in the calming fun, come on over to my Facebook page and share what's happening for you and post pictures of your doodles, too!}

Day 6: Now We're Colorin' Fall

Well, I know I said I was going to doodle for 21 days straight but, I ended up taking Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.

Friday, Aunt Flo made her visit and I was super, duper tired and ended up crashing on the couch with my husband and had no intentions of moving after C went to bed.

Saturday I enjoyed some ME TIME at the hair salon.  Then after, I was heading to the Gap, Old Navy and The Fresh Market (by myself!!) where I ended up running into major traffic jams all around town because of construction on the highway.  I realized I was pretty tired and in much need of nap, so I turned around and headed home and went straight to my bed for almost an hour (something I never let myself do).

That night I enjoyed 'date night' with my husband out on the New Orleans Halloween town (we haven't had date night since August, so it was SO great to be out).  We had a lot of fun seeing all the costumes and dancing to local bands on Frenchman street (and we even heard a brass band all the way from FRANCE! out on the street.  They were SO SO good - gosh I so love the city for this reason!).

Then Sunday...I didn't do a thing and I loved every second of it.  I made breakfast in the morning, then went back to bed with Lil' C.  Then we played and ate some lunch.  She went down for her nap.  I took a nice, long bath and then ended up sleeping for 3 hours!!  I stayed in my PJ's all day and it was the most amazing gift I could ever give myself.

I haven't done that since C was born...it was pure heaven!  Even though my left-brain thoughts were like, "You should probably go to the store or clean or make the bed or make a fabulous dinner...nope!! Didn't do any of it!!  And it felt oh-so-GOOD!

I told my husband that I need more days like that.  Usually on the weekends I'm running around trying to get everything ready for the week.  That way if C and I need to go the store, it's only for little things...because she doesn't last long in the stores yet.

SO, all of this leads me to today's doodle.  

It's very similar to the one I painted last Thursday, but this time it's more fall-like.  YAY!  I think I have a feeling that's because today is Halloween!! I definitely have Halloween on the mind!! OH YEAH!! ;) ;)

I still had a strong craving to doodle this again, so I honored it and doodled along.

At first, I wasn't sure why I was chose this one again, but like always, after I get past the left-brain dominating thoughts, my right-brain always takes over with the most amazing messages.

I realized that when I painted this doodle last week, my right-brain (inner voice) said to slow down and savor fall.  I didn't doodle since.

What I DID do - I slowed down and savored fall.  I didn't realize this until I doodled this today!

I crashed on the couch with my husband, got my hair done, turned around from doing errands and took a nap instead, had a fabulous date night with my husband and some friends that was filled with tons of Halloween fun, and stayed in my PJs and did absolutely nothing (except for making breakfast, taking a hot bath and a 3 hour nap) the entire day.


I seriously didn't realize that I actually DID LISTEN to my right-brain (inner guide) message of slowing down and savor fall that came to me when I painted last week.


Doodling truly rocks my world and I'm SO glad I took a little break this past weekend (when really, my left-brain was like, "you suck...you didn't do what you said you were gonna do...you're now 3 days behind on doodles...blah..blah..blah!"

Well, I hate to break it to ya left-brain...I actually DID do what I said I was gonna do...I slowed down and savored fall.


LOL! :)

Until next time...

Wishing you a Happy Halloween (if you celebrate!) and

{life IS colorful}

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