Doodle Painting Break: Colorful Flowers

If you read my weekend savors post on Monday and you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I was SUPER excited to get some painting time in last weekend.

It's funny, because yes, painting is FUN, but, I was mainly excited for the benefits that were gonna come my way once I was done.  It's always the best feelings ever!! ALWAYS!!

I knew D was going to take C with him to run errands around town, so I quickly got ready and set everything up so once I put Luca down for his nap, I could get started right away.

When I walked back into my room and saw this I immediately FELT an "Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!"  come over me.  SO SO nice!

I call it my "creative spa" space.   It's funny, because I've been saying to myself how one day I really want a room just for my creativity and my kids creativity in my house. (but, really, i just want it to be mine since the kids have their fun in our entire house!!)

I'm always visioning a room that has one side where I can doodle and doodle paint and the other where I have my computer set up so I can write and edit my photos and then in the middle of the room there's a nice size kids table where C and L can do their creations while I do mine.

Well, as I looked around the room before I painted, it hit me and I realized that I already have this set up, but it's actually even better.  I have this side to paint on.  The other side is where I write and edit photos on my computer AND I even have my comfy recliner in the corner and that's where I's a space all for me.  WOW!!

Who knew that I already created that vision but just in a different way.  SO cool!! :)

Guess that's what happens when you're a busy can't SEE what you ARE doing for yourself already because your thoughts are always focused on everyone else.  ;)

So, like I said in my last post, D and C came home earlier than expected so I only made it this far.


I started this painting I was super pumped to get started and then I was SUPER bummed that I had to stop.

That night, I decided to continue on playing, even though I was super tired because it was already 9:15 pm and I had just gotten up from Cs bed and my body was telling me to just go to bed!!

I struggled at the beginning with my thoughts (because, yeah, I was in tired mode and I probably should have listened and gone to bed, but I was really CRAVING this!!).

I ended up painting over the initial flower outline I had painted up above, which, in the end, I realized I didn't have to do at all.  I could have just left it as it was and just started painting away...and I did like that the first one had more petals to paint than the one I painted below.

That's what happens when your left-brain gets in the likes to tell you that it looks like shit and you must make it better.  All the more reason for me to get my paint quiet those analytical, perfect thoughts down.

As I continued to play more...

I started having fun and found myself really craving lots of I went with a colorful flower.

It just felt right and I could tell my inner happiness was starting to shine through.  Hello right brain!!

I kept painting over and over the colors and adding in white to areas, because this ALWAYS bring out more and more of my inner calm.

And, then, to end it off, like I always do, I outlined the flowers with the dots.  I was smiling BIG while doing this.  It's my favorite!!

After I was done....

I found myself smiling while I was cleaning up and I just felt so refreshed and ready for bed.  And, yeah, I just couldn't get that smile off my face.  I just couldn't frown...I kept trying, but my smile wanted to stay beaming!!

This happens every.single.time!!

I'm SO glad that I painted even though I was tired.  It's very rare that I do this, and right now, with taking care of my two littles, I can't do this every night because I do better has a mama when I'm well rested, but this was SO needed.

I can't wait to continue painting more and letting my inner, creative, calm self blossom more and more!!  It's dying to come out and play!! :)

Because it's when I'm 100% focused on calming myself with painting (which is usually after the first 5 to 10 minutes and I'm painting in a quiet room without any distractions), that's when the real benefits start to show.  I'm smiling more. I'm humming and singing songs.  I'm relaxed.  I'm happy.  And I just FEEL like any stress that I'd been carrying on my shoulders melted away.

And that, my friends, is the best feeling of all!!  SO SO nourishing!!

So tell me...

Ever do something creative and you were left feeling happy, excited, energized and refreshed?  I'd love to hear what creative activities do that for you! :)

Life IS creatively awesome...SAVOR it up!

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