{Doodle Calm Thoughts:10/21} Doodlin' with my 2-year-old!

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Day 10: Doodlin' with my 2-year-old.

Oh yes! You read right.  I doodled with my daughter today and, guess what??  I actually finished it with her right beside me!

Something I thought wasn't going to happen, especially if you read my Day 8 doodle post. :)

I thought I'd just start it and then finish it later.  Boy, was I wrong. But, I have to tell ya, it wasn't easy.

In the end, even with all the toddler craziness that happened during it all, I'm just filled with so much JOY, LOVE, LAUGHTER, SMILES and GRATITUDE (you'll see why in a minute).

I was craving some gratitude color today.  If you follow me on my Facebook page, I like to post *color ME grateful* status updates.

The reason being is that now that I'm a mama, I find it difficult to write my gratitudes down in my gratitude journal consistently.  And, what I've come to find out, is that, even if I don't have the time to write all my gratitudes down, just doodling the word helps me stay in a more grateful mindset.

The days when I doodle gratitude, I always find myself visioning the exact gratitude doodle I drew all throughout the day and then FEELING what gratitude brings me each time.

It's pretty amazing.  When I write them out, that usually doesn't happen.  But, I'm tellin' ya,  every.single.time I doodle gratitude like this, I always, ALWAYS visualize what I drew.  An awesome way to stay connected to gratitude if you ask me! :)

So, today, I'm thrilled I decided to do this with my daughter. Even though I had to keep stopping, she never threw a fit (which I was waiting for - and I stayed pretty calm, which is AMAZING!) and she just kept adding more joy to the time we spent together at the table.

So here's what I'm talkin' about! :)

First, everything was going smoothly.  C had her milk and was pretty content while trying to draw with her left-hand.

Then she was OVER  her crayons and moved on to her markers, which she ended up playing with them like they were her blocks (i.e.  stacking them up and then knocking them down...so yeah, that stopped me in my doodling fun tracks for a moment because I had to put them away so marker color wouldn't end up EVERYWHERE!).

Then she wanted the play dough and was SOON asking me to make her an "airplane...airplane...airplane!"

 So I had to stop again and play with some play dough, too!

I didn't mind because she started singing and smiling while she played.  :)

Then I stopped again so we could say how


the play dough pizza is.  LOVE! :)

And then she started throwing her play dough on the floor,

so I had to stop my doodling...AGAIN!...so I could clean up the kitchen floor and put the play dough away. ;)

Which, I thought she'd be ready to run around the house and get into stuff, but, to my surprise, she wanted some snack.

Hooray! :)

So I was able to finish my doodle while she (or, shall I say, we!) sat next to me singing, appppppppllllleeeeeeesaaaaauuuuccccce (translation: applesauce).



And, here's how everything ended up.  I just LOVE having her doodles next to mine!! :)

Again...PURE MAMA JOY!! :)

And, lastly, what I absolutely LOVE about this doodle is that it's SO colorful and fun. I feel like it has a retro rainbow feel, while reminding me to stay grateful..no matter what the overwhelming mama to-do list day brings!


So...until next time...

{life IS colorful}

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