{Photo(s) of Day} Festival of Colors ~ Happy Holi!

{I'm starting a, Photo of the Day, series here on my blog.  I'm doing this to keep my passion for photography alive, as well as keeping myself challenged (which can be hard with mommy duties constantly call my name) to continue learning my photography skills.  By doing this, I'll stay connected to the beauty of the world that surrounds me on a daily basis...the #1 reason why I love pursing my passion for photography.  Wanna join me?}

Ever since I've connected more with color, more color pops up into my life.  Last year, while watching Nick Jr. with Lil' C, a little cartoon came up, called Happy Holi Maya!,  after one of her shows (probably Yo Gabba Gabba!).

I learned that Holi  is a festival that celebrates the coming of Spring with lots of colors and food....basically one big happy festival that's celebrated around March 1st.

I absolutely fell in love with Holi and while painting with watercolors this morning with C, I was reminded that it's Holi time and had to share.

When C gets a little older, we'll have to have our own Holi festival.  I can't wait!

OH, and yeah, I'm still hoping to one day go to this!! If not, this is what C and I will do!! :):)

Happy Holi!!

Until next time...

{life is colorful}