Finding YOUR Joy! {through pictures}

I know I said I separated my two sites, nutrition and photography, a few weeks back, BUT, I've decided to merge them for now. Yeah! Yeah!  I know! Gesh, Renee!  Get it together already! Quit going back and forth!  Well, I realized that this is who I am.  All if it goes with my message, so it will be together, for now. So today I have an awesome photography post to share with you all.

At the beginning of the month, I started an online photography workshop called Finding YOUR Joy, put on by Kelly Mcmahon Willette of Willette Designs Photography. She is one of my inspirations and I just love her work and her awesome ideas.  This workshop is helping me document my life in photos AND providing neat ideas on how to get me, yes, ME, in my photos more!  If you follow my family blog, you may notice that I'm NEVER in my pictures.  I always tell Damian he has all the awesome pics! :)

I'm a little behind on assignments.  The one I'm posting below is the assignment for week one (which was two weeks ago). Oops! A little late,  but, that's what's awesome about this workshop.  I can work around my mommy (and moving) schedule.   And, I think this assignment goes great with my post from yesterday - Passion For Joy!

My passion is joy...

Joy for uncovering my passion for photography. Joy for the beauty all around me. Joy for my amazing husband. Joy for my beautiful daughter. Joy for my fun-loving dog, Rusty. Joy for my family. Joy for my holistic ways. Joy for loving yummy food. Joy for my life.

And, so much more!

Oh, and joy for having to re-do this assignment and really understand focus while my camera is on a tripod. Ha! I have a long way to go, which you'll see below! :)

It all started like this.  I thought I had the focus all set. Hmm....

Smile Camille!  We're in focus! I just know it! :)

Yeah, she's totally NOT interested in taking a picture with her Mommy. :)

Oh no! Here come the kisses!  Help! (Still not in focus! But, SO thought I was!)

OK! Let's see how they came out!

And, I tried and tried again, until Camille had enough!  I will try again tomorrow.  But I think these are really funny! :)

I did learn a lot from this assignment. I realized that I'm getting more confident in my manual settings.  I didn't have to rely on my meter to figure out what settings would be good for exposure.  And, I need to read the assignment again on focusing because I read it the first week it came out and never read it again.  Yeah, that wasn't a good idea.  So I'll be practicing on focusing from here on out!  Overall, it was SUPER fun and I can't wait to try again.

Happy Tuesday!

{life is fun}