{Photo of the Day} First Baby

{I'm starting a, Photo of the Day, series here on my blog.  I'm doing this to keep my passion for photography alive, as well as keeping myself challenged (which can be hard with mommy duties constantly call my name) to continue learning my photography skills.  By doing this, I'll stay connected to the beauty of the world that surrounds me on a daily basis...the #1 reason why I love pursing my passion for photography.  Wanna join me?}

8 years ago this cutie became my first baby. I love him SO much, but at the same time, my patience isn't the best with him since Lil' C became mobile at 15 months.  I know he loves me just as much because he's literally at my every step throughout the day (which he never was before C became mobile - unless I was eating something).   This was taken right about the time we were getting C ready for her nap.  He always knows and goes and finds his spot to lay down...the only time during the day he isn't near me...ha!  Think he has sibling jealously, or what?

Until next time...

{life is beautiful}