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Granola with Cherries + Blueberries

Granola with Cherries + Blueberries

During the summer months, I always crave more cooling foods.  So, for me, that means a yummy bowl of granola with my favorite seasonal summer fruits and some ice cold milk for breakfast.

My favorite summer fruit of all is cherries.

Oh, how I CRAVE them once the end of May starts rolling around.  Oh, SO, SO good!!

I usually eat them plain, with yogurt or with cottage cheese.  This summer, I thought I'd try them in my granola and WOW, what yumminess!

Once I mixed it all up and began to taste the goodness, my taste buds jumped for joy!  OH YEAH!!! I LOVE it when that happens!

So, of course, I had to share this foodie LOVE with you!

I didn't make my own granola, but boy, do I want to.  The last time I did, was before I became a mama.  But since my time is SO limited right now, I usually buy my favorite, already made, Bear Naked, fruit and nut, granola.

It's the only brand I buy that's pre-packaged in the store.

They recently changed things up, meaning, it's a little more crunchy than I like.  It used to be SO soft, like it was freshly made, which I LOVED, but now, it's a little too hard. Booo!

But, I will say, it's nice to still be able to have it as an option for those mornings when my kids needs come at me in matter of seconds, while trying to take care of my needs at the same time, which, happens to be EVERY morning. Ha!

After becoming a mama, I learned to let go of making everything homemade.  Once I did this, my stress levels decreased a ton! SO worth it in my book! 

Even though this dish isn't anywhere near homemade, it's still, SO, SO good!

One day, I'll make my own granola again.  I actually don't even know where my recipe went, so if you have an awesome granola recipe, especially one where it comes out super soft, please send it my way. I'd love to try it!

But, for now, if you wanna quick and easy breakfast that tastes DELICIOUS, all ya need is your favorite granola, milk or whatever dairy or non-dairy drink you prefer, blueberries and sliced cherries.

Until next time...

Remember to eat what YOU love because life is delicious and meant to be SAVORed!!

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