Grateful For... Mom. Can You Watch Me?

At the end of each day, before bed, I always like to write down all the JOY that I'm GRATEFUL for that filled my day, because, for me, it's easy for me to stay focused more on the meltdowns, the sibling conflicts, the exhaustion and the major lack of ME time.  When I think about all the moments that made me smile throughout the day, I'm always reminded that there's SO much more JOY than meltdowns.  And it's this joy that fills my heart with a huge amount of joyous gratitude.  To take my written list even further, I've thought I'd capture one of those gratitudes (through the lens) from my day and share it here. 

Yesterday, while baby bro was napping, big sis asked to take a bath in my tub.  She started to play as soon as the water started to fill and I came in and out to check on her while I updated my blog template, just a few steps away.

Every time I walked in, she'd say, "Mom. Can you watch me?"  And, I'd tell her, "In a minute!" And then go back to what I was doing.

Because, ya know, I've already watched her play in the bathtub a hundred, million times and I'd this a moment that I can do a little something for me, while she's right next to me having her fun as well.  

Once the water was filled, I really wanted to continue working on my template, finish laundry and start getting dinner prepped, but I decided to stop what I was doing and go and sit down by her and and watch her have her fun.

Right away, she jumped and said, "You can sit on the stool over there." And, lemme tell ya! I'm SO glad I did.

Just sitting there, soaking in the moment, while she splashed and played with her rubber duckies and then watching her squeeze the water out of them while laughing so hard because of the funny, little noise it would make soon had me laughing until both of us her laughing so hard together until our stomach hurts, was truly the best moment ever.  

Her joy always knows how to put a huge smile on my face, make me laugh and  fill me with the best happy tingles.  Oh, it's truly the best!

I'm SO very grateful for this moment. A moment that I didn't let my to-do list head get in the way.  A moment that I truly SAVORed, just her and I. A moment that's SO rare these days because I'm SO busy chasing around her wild monkey lil' bro who LOVES to climb everything and has me on my toes making sure he doesn't hurt himself.  A moment that truly warmed my heart with joyous gratitude.

Thank you, Camille, for always reminding me to slow down and savor what matters most to my mama heart.  I'll always be forever, grateful.  Always!

What about you!

What JOY are YOU grateful you SAVORed today?  I'd LOVE to hear!

Life is joyously, gratifying...SAVOR it up!