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Happy 2014 + I'm Back Baby

Happy 2014 + I'm Back Baby

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I hope you've had the most amazing 2013 and a fabulous start to 2014!

Back in September, I decided to take a break from blogging.  I had planned on only breaking away for a month, but as you see, it turned about to be a few months instead.

The more I broke away, the more I realized how much I really NEEDED the break!

With the transition of becoming a family of four and then trying to stay connected to myself through blogging, taking pictures, connecting on social media and very little sleep, it was time to take a step back.

I spent the first month journaling all my thoughts down on paper. Oh, wow, did I have a lot to say!!I painted some, but soon realized that with my very limited mama ME time that I have in the morning while C is at school, doodling felt more calming during this time and painting felt best after my kiddos were in bed for the night.

But...once my kiddos are in bed, I'm SO tired, and I end up just going to sleep.  So, yeah, very little painting was done these past few months...but, man, I'm CRAVING it!! :)

But, the more I doodled, the more I connected with my camera again (this ALWAYS happens when I do mindless-doodling...the main reason why it's SO powerful and something I have to share with you!!)...especially the flowers that I buy every week for myself.

Then, not only was I energized to take more pictures than I usually do ;) , I was becoming even more motivated to make more time to cook some homemade meals during the week.  In September, I was pretty burnt out from cooking and I just didn't wanna cook anything.

As my passion for cooking returned, I finally came up with the best weekly meal plan for my little family; cooking on the weekends, with Sunday being a meal that provides leftovers and then making two more big meals during the week so the other days would be leftovers night.  It took the pressure off from having to cook from scratch every night of the week.

SO.MUCH.BETTER and I'M.SO.MUCH.HAPPIER and still very connected to my love of cooking! HOORAY!

And, get this...I started taking my leisurely walks outside with my kiddos again and I started calling them JOY strolls, because, just like I was burnt out with cooking, I was burnt out with carting my kiddos everywhere too.

Sometimes it can seem like it takes longer for me to get my  kids ready for a stroller ride than it is for us to take our actual walk outside.  So yeah, if I really didn't have to get the kids ready to go somewhere than I wouldn't do it, ;)

But, now, because I'm focusing more on making time to relax my mind with doodling, now, I know, once I get everyone settled in the stroller, I'm gonna be filled with JOY as I soak in the beauty of the blue sky, the sounds of the chirping birds, the wave of hello to our neighbors, the excitement of my daughter as she see's a flower in the grass and the laughter of my son as the wind blows on his face....and, I'll be smiling and feeling oh, so nourished!

I'm now focused on how I'm gonna feel...the good...rather than the pain of how long it takes to get everyone ready to go. (And, there are days that my daughter is VERY upset because she wants to walk a certain way or she's had enough and is whining to go home, which can have me NOT feeling joy, but once we're back and settled and happy, I can still feel that little bit of joy that nourished me during our walk...gotta savor it...sometimes it can be a long JOY...but the short JOY is just as good, too!)

And, mostly, I spent most of my time connecting more with the loves of my life, which to me, was most important of all.

But as I slowed down during these months...not being SO connected to blogging and social media, I've reconnected more to who I am and what I truly desire right now in my busy mama life and for my blog.

I've been struggling with my direction here because I've been trying to choose only ONE subject to focus on.  My passion for photography is deeper than I could ever imagine..especially when it comes to taking candid pics of my kids and food that I eat, but I also have a very strong passion for sharing my doodles and WHY I do it.

It was those doodles that helped me cook more...walk more...and make more decisions on my true inner desires and what makes my heart sing.

And it's because of that, that I've come to the realization that it's finally time to embrace who I am (photographer, foodie, creatively fit coach, doodler, writer, teacher, mom) and focus on it all here.

So this year, 2014, I'll be throwing out all resolutions and focusing ONLY on what makes my heart sing....and that's using creativity (photography, doodling, painting, cooking, baking, etc) to slow down, feel more calm, relaxed and, most of all, passionately alive...because when I'm calm, relaxed and passionately alive...that's the ONLY way I can do what I'm most passionate about all...SAVORING all the joyous moments in my daily life through the lens!

So be on the look out for more colorful and visual posts to come.

Yaaaay!! I'm back baby!!


Oh, and I updated my About Me page as well as the look here on the site as well...new banner...oh la la la!

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So tell me...

Have you done anything creative that made you feel passionately alive since I last posted?

Life IS creatively fun...SAVOR it up!

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