{Savoring This Moment} His Girly Changing Area

Do you think when he gets older he'll be mad at me because I didn't set up a boyish-style changing area for him, like I did with his sister? Or, mad that he's being changed in his sister's VERY girly room?

Nah, he's just TOO happy!

This kid smiles for everything.  He even tries to smile when he's fussing.  He wants to cry, but he struggles sometimes to do it because he wants to smile and laugh.  

And, boy, lemme tell ya...words can't even describe how thrilled I am that he's smiling away during his big sister's toddler meltdowns, too.

Whew!! Hope that lasts! ;)

Oh, and did I mention that he was smiling when we saw him during our ultrasound when he was 30 weeks? 

Oh yes! Yes he was! Awwwweeee!! Melts my heart!!

I'm SO glad he's a happy boy!  Because this time around, he didn't get the same nursery set up like his big sis did.  

He has her crib in our guest room and, I did get the cutest boy bedding for it.  And, I did put his name up on the wall, but that's pretty much it.

With C, she got the crib, the rocker, the dresser, the wall decor...pretty much everything.

But, now that I know his baby stage doesn't last long, we decided to spend money on other things for him...well, really, we didn't spend much, because, yes, like I said, this stage doesn't last long.  ;)

So, yeah, I SO wanna remember these moments, because he's such a happy baby...no matter where he's at.

The best ever! :)

So, what'cha ya think...

Yay for Nay to being mad at me for all the pink and purple that surrounds him?  :) 

Until next time..

Life IS what you love...SAVOR it!